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Flying log book for Ron Carter from April 1944 to 18 July 1944. Detailing operations flown from RAF Dunholme Lodge. Aircraft flown was Lancaster. He carried out a total of 21 operations with 44 Squadron as an air gunner on the following targets in…

Catches up with family matters and tells that all is well.

J A Dellow’s Air Bomber’s Flying Log Book covering the period 1 August 1942 to 28 May 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as air bomber. He was stationed at RCAF Picton 31 B&GS), RCAF Mount Hope (33 ANS), RAF…

Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for J G B Burnside, flight engineer, covering the period from 20 March 1943 to 14 July 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at…

Writes informing him that his son was missing as a result of air operations on 15/16 March 1944. Mentions that it takes time to get news of prisoners. Mentions that Mervyn Adder had completed fourteen operational flights and was held in high esteem…

Top - photograph of grave with white cross with name 'P.O M Adder RAF, 15.3.44'. Surrounded by similar crosses with trees in the background.
Bottom - telegram to Mervyn Adder's father informing him that his son was missing as a result of air…

Letter and explanatory note. Reports arrival of family mail. mentions operations to Augsburg and Schweinfurt getting good photographs of the latter. Mentions an electrics failure on return from Augsburg and had to divert to airfield on the south…

Letter and explanatory note. Catches up with news of father's activities. Mentions he had done quite a few operations recently including Augsburg, Schweinfurt and Stuttgart. Writes that they had to divert to a fighter base on the south coast and had…

Letter and explanatory note. Mentions recent sergeants' dance to which officers could be invited. Gives a detailed description of an escape exercise that his crew and three other took part in. Mentions that they have a new wing commander who was…

Letter and explanatory note. Writes while playing housey-housey (bingo) in the mess. Describes some events over Christmas including cycling 40 miles to meet Mary, going for walk and going to see a film. Describes life at his station, mentioning…

Letter and explanatory note. Says that he had little time to write as he had had briefings every night that week but had only managed one trip. He was expecting that night's operation to be scrubbed. He states his total now stands at eleven, nine to…

Letter and explanatory note. Writes that he is now been on a squadron for a couple of weeks. Relates that being put down to fly with another crew his pilot who was flying with a different crew did not get back and was lost. Goes on to describe being…

On the front the RAF insignia and red silver and blue ribbon. Inside Christmas greetings Sergeants' Mess RAF Dunholme Lodge, 44 Squadron. Signed 'Mervyn'.

Reports that he was back at base after leave. Describes some recent activities and journey. Says he should have written earlier but he was flying on long trip.

A record of Albert's last flight to Berlin. It lists his route, bomb load and crew.

A christmas card sent by Albert to his sister and brother in law. It features the RAF crest.

The letter to his sister and brother in law thanks them for their letter. he says he enjoys their short outings together. He has been over Berlin. He has been in hospital with a suspected skin disease.

A letter from Albert to his sister and brother in law. He says he has not much free time to write and he is back on operations after a spell in hospital. The second part of his letter was written after an operation to Stuttgart. He describes coming…
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