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626 Squadron was formed in November 1943 as part of 1 group Bomber Command. It flew with the Command until disbanded in October 1945.
It was stationed at: RAF Wickenby.
Aircraft flown included: Lancaster.
Wartime losses: 338

Head and shoulders portrait of Doug Joss wearing flying helmet, goggles and jacket. 'Captioned 'Pilot Officer Doug Joss, Rear Gunner 626 Squadron, Retired Squadron Leader with MBE'.

Seven aircrew, three sitting in front and four standing behind. All are wearing tunic with aircrew beret. In the background curtains at either side. Captioned ‘Len (Navigator) Arthur (Wireless Operator) Mac (Flight Engineer) Don (Bomb…

RAF Wickenby was in North-East Lincolnshire, nine miles north-east of Lincoln. It was a purpose built airfield for heavy bombers and was part of 1 Group Bomber Command. The station opened September 1942 as a satellite station of RAF Binbrook. It was…

John Cox grew up in Lincolnshire and worked in banking before he joined the Royal Air Force. After training as a pilot in the United States, he served as an instructor for almost three years. He flew 20 operations as a pilot with 626 Squadron,from…

Thomas Carroll grew up in Yorkshire and became a cashier for a mining company. He joined the Royal Air Force and flew operations as a flight engineer with 100 and 626 Squadrons. After the war, he retrained as an air traffic control officer in Germany…
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