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Writes that she has returned home to find 6 inches of snow. Mentions that her fears of frozen pipes did not happen and house was in good order. Writes of journey home and finding Christmas parcels on arrival. Continues with account of framing…

Colonnello Mario Fontana reports to Major Gordon Lett about air drops and various pieces of equipment handed out by British servicemen to Italian partisans. Complains about the situation, stressing that is now impossible to tell apart what has been…


Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 13 January 1945. The date was later corrected to read 14 January 1945.

Brief handwritten notes describing the operations and two
relevant newspaper cuttings titled 'R.A.F. bomber shot down by Swedes' and 'The great air assault is mounting. Heavy blows at Germany's oil'.

Target photograph of Merseburg. Captioned '3F', '5B', 7549 Wed. 14/15.1.45//NT 8"/O.18400 118 2100 MERSEBURG. S. 1x4000(Min) 9x500 GP (DT. 30secs. F/O CROSS. S. 467'.

Target photograph of Politz. Partially obscured by light streaks, some bomb explosions, no clear detail. Captioned '3° F', '6B', '4237 SKELL.13/14.1.45//NT(C)8" 17000' 320° 2216 POLITZ.P. 1HC4000IN.14MC500DT. 27secs. F/O. COOKSEY. P.61.'. On the…

Target photograph of Merseburg. Completely obscured by smoke, dust and haze. Some light streaks, no detail visible. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '4270 SKELL.14/15.1.45//NT/(C) .8". 14700 116° 2104 MERSEBURG.Y. 1HC(M)4000IN,3MC(MII)500DT, 11GP500DT. 26…

Indicates two bomb loads, one for seven aircraft the other for eight. Includes heights and other notes. On the reverse marking and bombing tactics.

Vertical aerial target photograph of Politz oil refinery. It is annotated '3966.CON.13/14-1-45//NT.7" 18500 070 22:09 Politz H. 14CP3 29 secs F/O Inniss H 83'
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