Roy Hastie's pilot's flying log book



Roy Hastie's pilot's flying log book


Pilot's flying log book for Roy Hastie. It covers his RAF service from 9 December 1940 to 31 March 1946 and then his RAF Auxilliary Service flying to 23 May 1952. Detailing his flying training and operations flown firstly with Coastal Command and then with Bomber Command. He was stationed at RAF Perth, RAF Thornaby, RAF Squires Gate, RAF Eastleigh, East Coast USA, Trinidad, RAF Catfoss, Nassau, Bahamas, RAF Oulton, RAF Feltwell, RAF Riccall, RAF Lulsgate Bottom and RAF Dishforth. Aircraft flown in were Tiger Moth, Oxford, Tutor, Hudson, Blenheim, Botha, Beaufighter, B-25, B-24, Proctor, Hurricane, Spitfire, Chipmunk and Anson. With Coastal Command he flew anti-shipping operations with 53 Squadron, including a ditching. He transferred to 223 Squadrton in Bomber Command and flew 39 operations, mostly using Window in a counter-measures and spoof attacks role but including some bombing attacks. Targets include Hamburg, Bochum, Hanover, Ruhr region, Neuss, Duisburg, Essen, Karlsruhe, Ludwigshaven, Ulm, Cologne, Munich, Magdeberg, Stuttgart, Siegen, Dresden, Chemnitz, Dortmund Ems, Wesel, Kiel, and Augsberg.



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