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Alan writes thanking his parents for their letters. He travelled to Calgary by train, then Banff and Lake Louise, then Vancouver. He spent a week in Vancouver looking at the tourist sites.

Alan writes about the slowness of mail from the UK. He has completed his exams and has done well. He has qualified as a pilot and completed air bombers and air gunner courses. He enjoyed Christmas. He travelled to Chicago and was impressed with the…

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A postcard of the City Hall.

PSmithRW23010064 copy.jpg
A postcard of Union Station.

Parade of servicemen wearing tunics and side caps standing in formation with large wreath by the war memorial outside Old City Hall, Queen Street West, Toronto. "Toronto Mutual Life" and "Dun & Bradstreet" advertised on the windows.


The photograph on the top left of the left page shows a steam train at a train station. Snow can be scene covering the scene. The photograph is captioned with "MONCTON STATION ALL ABOARD FOR THE STATES."
The photograph on the top right on the left…

Jack is spending Christmas with his cousin near New York. He has been to a few films and shows. He has been promoted to Pilot Officer.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 King's College, Toronto.
#2 is Hart House, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
#3 Royal Ontario Museum
#4 Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Toronto.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is the Temple building, Toronto
#2 and 4 are the Soldier's Tower, at the University of Toronto.
#3 is the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Identification kindly provided by Frank Schilder and Michael Paré of…

The letter from RCAF Toronto refers to an enquiry from Sam McCron's widow. She had written to RCAF Toronto to find out the circumstances of her husband's death and what had happened to mail she had sent to her husband.

Writes that he is fine and well but putting on weight. Promises account of Niagara Falls when he has had some photographs available. [Missing page 2]. Writes about journey to Niagara and activities once at the Falls with descriptions. Relates stay at…

Writes that he had returned to Moncton after being eliminated from pilot training and that after being boarded at Trenton Ontario, he re-mustered as an observer. Goes back to describe his activities while at Moncton including local sightseeing,…

Title '1942'.
Top left - three men wearing civilian shirt and tie standing behind a woman. Cars parked on right. Captioned 'Ted, Ken, George and Harold Toronto'.
Top right - half length image of two airmen wearing tunics with houses in the…

Top - view of city street with car on right and two airmen walking down pavement on left. Captioned 'Young St, Toronto'.
Bottom left - view down city street with tram in centre. Captioned 'St Clair East, Toronto'.
Bottom right - view down city…

Top - view of lake through trees. Captioned 'Mersey Lake, High Park, Toronto'.
Bottom left - cars in a city street, pedestrians waiting to cross on left. Captioned 'Queen St Toronto'.
Bottom right - view down city street with cars and two storey…

Top left - view of highway with cars and lake in distance. Captioned 'Sunnyside and Lake Ontario, Toronto'.
Bottom left - view through a line of trees of a highway with cars and lake in the distance. Captioned 'Queen Elizabeth highway and the lake…

Writes that he had been so busy he had little time to write letters and catch up with all his mail. Asks after Bill's work and comments on petrol rationing in Canada. Mentions although it was expensive to travel by train but he was seeing plenty of…

Explains about 'O' and 'N' brevets, both were for navigator but the second was a new badge and had not arrived in Canada yet. He writes that he could be home in a month as some of them were getting posted back to England, and he could be one. Says he…

Writes he was settling into his new life and that his new course would last 14 weeks and would include lecturing. Says he had a good time in New York before returning to Toronto. Spend the remainder of leave with Canadian friends. Currently billeted…
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