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William Green was born in Kings Lynn in Norfolk and joined the Royal Air Force at the outbreak of war, when he was 17 and a half, becoming a rear gunner on Lancasters and eventually rising to the rank of squadron leader.
He tells about going to help…

Original cartoon drawing of woman with swirling dress used as basis of noise art for Denis Clyde-Smith's Lancaster. Annotated 'With love to the crew and ground crew of the Zola bomber from Zola'.


Seven airmen standing in front of their Halifax. It has 'The Ol' Ram' nose art. 47 operations are marked by painted bombs. There are also three swastikas.

Harry Hodgson was ground crew during the war. He was based with 10 Squadron, working on Halifax Bombers at RAF Melbourne. Harry said it was a very busy time patching up the holes from both flak and bullets on the Halifax. He remembers having to work…

William Barfoot (second from right) and four other air crew are standing by the port nose of an Albemarle. All are wearing flying gear and three have their hand on the adjoining members shoulder. Airman on left has flight sergeant insignia on his…

Bomb Aimer Ron Coffin in battledress and flying boots is standing by the port nose of an Albemarle, next to the port engine. He is wearing a Mae West and there are seven Pegasus symbols on the aircraft nose.

The description of this item is…

Two identical photographs of Halifax Ferdinand II being serviced. In the top left corner one ground crew is standing at the top of a ladder looking at the nose of the aircraft. The nose has nose art of a cartoon character of a bull and the title…

Two identical photographs of Halifax Ferdinand II on ground with tire covers. Shows port side of aircraft and up to inboard engine on starboard wing. Nose art shows Ferdinand II and cartoon painting. Eight rows of bomb 10 bomb symbols are painted…

Air-to-air view of Halifax Ferdinand II photographed from another Halifax. On the reverse 'John’s Halifax Bomber.'

Nose of Halifax to just behind cockpit. Nose art shows a cartoon bull with steam blowing from nostrils and the name Ferdinand II underneath. There are four rows of bomb symbols, 3 rows of ten and a row of 9 below the cockpit. On the reverse 'Halifax…

Side view of Lancaster R5868, being bombed up. In the foreground three trolleys full of bombs. Aircraft is under maintenance with two airmen on the wings and one in the pilot’s seat. Symbols indicating numerous operations on nose of aircraft. Four…

Seven aircrew, two squatting and five standing all dressed in battledress. Two are wearing peaked caps and the rest side caps. Basil Ambrose is standing third from the left. In the background the nose and inboard engines of a Lancaster are visible.…

Basil Ambrose seated at picnic table in civilian clothes in front of Lancaster Just Jane at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirby. Lancaster prominently displays female figure nose art and name Just Jane on the port nose. In the…

Front section of a Lancaster with part of the front turret and the cockpit, a man in shirt sleeves is leaning out of the cockpit window. Underneath the cockpit, a 617 Squadron crest. In the foreground and background the inboard engines are…

An airman wearing flying helmet and goggles, framed in the open cockpit window of a Lancaster. Three rows of ten operation symbols are visible.

Donald Briggs in uniform tunic with pilots brevet and peaked hat. In the background the nose of a Canberra with open access hatch and stylized bird nose art.

A man wearing shirt sleeves and a flying helmet and goggles looking out of the open cockpit window of a Lancaster from the pilot's seat. Below the cockpit are two partial rows of 12 bomb symbols, five of which are of lighter colour.

Lancaster 'N' with all engines running on a concrete surface. Nose art shows five rows of operation symbols in two columns.

A group of 27 people in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Aircrew, ground crew on opposite page'. Photograph shows 26 air force personnel in two rows. The back row standing all have aircrew brevet. 12 are wearing side caps and one an officer's peaked…

Aircrew and ground crew stand in front of and on a Lancaster, which has the letter 'S', a cartoon of walking person on the port nose plus a bomb log of 23 operations, three of which are ice-cream cones. There is also a beer tankard. Some crew sit on…

Seven airmen, three kneeling in front of four standing, beneath the nose of a Lancaster coded 'S'. The bomb doors are open and there is a ladder to the rear door. In the background are buildings and a water-tower. On the reverse 'H. Ackroyd, C.R.…

Two Lancasters with engines running are being waved off by a group of ground crew. The nearer Lancaster is ED860 QR-N and the farther one is ED588 VN-G. Both have nose art depicting many operations.

The seven aircrew are standing at the nose of 'Liz Beth', their Lancaster. Each crew member is identified along with brief details of the crash at Normington, Lincolnshire on completion of an operation to Turin 12/13 July 1943.
The second part of…

Aircrew and ground personnel sitting on loaded bomb trolleys infront of the Lanacster Mike Squared. Group Captain Sheene on a stepladder is painting a bomb symbol on the nose of the aircraft. Captioned '"Mike Twice" after 138 trips. C/V Sheene on…

Photograph 1 is of Lancaster Mike Squared, port side , undercarriage down.
Photograph 2 is of seven airmen posed on the port wing of Mike Squared.
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