Letter from Kenneth Gill to his family



Letter from Kenneth Gill to his family


Writes that he did not have too bad a trip recently despite poor weather. Mentions that their new aircraft was quite good and now had new same nose art as previously. Catches up with news of friends/family. Mentions a friend who had gone missing on operation to Leipzig. Comments on weather and concludes with family gossip.




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Three page handwritten letter


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155097. P/O GILL. K.
OCT. 25TH/43.

[RAF Crest]

Dear Mum & Dad & Nipper,

Thanks for your letter, it came yesterday morning, and thanks to David too for his, he's doing well isn't he.

We didn't have too bad a trip the other night, the weather was awful but we got back alright, and that's the main thing.

The new kite is quite good and behaved very well indeed, the old sign isn't up yet but it will be before long.

Hello again, it's the 27th, now. I hadn't time to finish before.

I've just come back from the

[page break]


kite and Binder II is up there for all to see. We havn't changed the design any, except to enlarge the disc on her collar and put 39 in it for the trips the old Binder did. We're going to her [sic] her photographed when we've finished.

I've just had an airgraph this morning from Ron, he's quite well but he says he's "Brassed off to the teeth" with the war, but so is everybody else I suppose.

Leslie wrote the other day too so I'll have to have a session tonight and get straightened up a bit.

I've to reply to Margaret too, and pass on some bad news that just reached me this morning.

[page break]


George is missing from the raid on Liepzig [sic], his 20th. trip I think, that cuts our number down again it certainly makes one think.

The weather here has been awful lately, were having our fourth day of thick fog now, goodness knows when we'll get our last three trips in at this rate.

Glad to hear Arthur & Aunt Muriel are a lot better now, hope they keep on improving.

Well I'll have to close for now, it's time to start work ? again.

Cheerio & Chins up.

Your Loving Son.

Ken. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx & David

Lets here [sic] from you again sometime David.



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