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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Scotland--Dumfries and Galloway"

Observer’s, air gunner’s and W/T operators flying log book for R B Hatherly, wireless operator, covering the period from 6 December 1944 to 3 September 1945. He was stationed at 460 Squadron RAF Binbrook, RAF East Kirkby and 1 Advanced Flying…

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Three photographs of Bob at West Freugh
#1 Bob in a hut with laundry hanging up to dry.
#2 A head and shoulders photograph of Bob in uniform with his navigator's brevet.
#3 A head and shoulders photograph of Bob in uniform, again with a…

The observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Flight Lieutenant John Francis Banks, born I July 1922, (1578295 Royal Air Force) from 28 March 1943 to 9 April 1946. Detailing his training and operations flown. Served at 41 Air School South…

Tadeusz Jasinski’s Flying Log Book as a wireless operator from 9 May 1941 to 14 October 1945. Carried out training at No. 2 Signal School, 4 Air Observer School (air gunner training) and 18 OTU, Posted to 304 (Polish) squadron for operations in…

Made out to Mrs H K M Algar for a ball at RAF West Freugh.

Made out for Mrs H K M Algar.

Flying log book for navigator’s, air bomber’s, air gunner, flight engineers for H K M Algar, Navigator, covering the period from 6 April 1954 to 12 June 1959. Detailing his flying duties with 36 Squadron, bombing trials unit, royal aircraft…

Asks how his course was going and writes that he though Lewis was a dammed fool for sticking his neck out and that he was happy in his comfortable job. Mentions the station might close down and speculates on the future and hope for posting to…

Asks after Lewis's Christmas and writes about his own activities over the holiday. Continues with banter and gossip.

Writes that it would probably better for him to stay where he was which he was now enjoying. He says was likely to remain there for the duration and the situation was generally good with plenty of leave and good trains. Catches up with news of…

Writes that he arrived at an awful place after long journey of 14 hours. Mentions making enquiries about a transfer but not holding out much hope. States that he is instructing on wireless and describes activities and thinks he might be able to do…

Writes that his leave had been changed and he was unable to give him any new dates.

Thanks him for letter but says he had little new news. Details his leave plans and asks if Lewis can arrange his to match.

Castigates him over some unstated matter. Refers to previous letters and discusses problems with arranging leave and plans for possible meeting.

Writes about not receiving mail and possible reasons. Discusses upcoming leave and possibility of Lewis arranging leave at the same time. Catches up with gossip.

Gives excuses for delay in replying to letters and writes that he was unable to arrange leave as he wanted. Mentions travel planes and possible meeting. Catches up with gossip.

Observer’s air gunner’s and w/t operators flying log book for V T Hilton, wireless operator, covering the period from 19 July 1943 to 16 April 1945. He was stationed at RAAF Parkes, RAAF Port Pririe, RAF Dumfries, RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Rufforth…

Observer's and Air Gunner's Flying log book for J Brennan, wireless operator / air gunner covering the period from 13 November 1942 to 16 November 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown, instructing and transport duties. He was…
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