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A Wing Commander is pointing out the route from Iraq to Australia to Squadron Leader. The map is being held against a brick wall.


A group of 14 men in whites, arranged in two rows, in front of a trophy.
On the reverse is handwritten 'Depot Hinaidi. Winner of Inter Unit Cricket Cup Hinaidi - Iraq 1934/35, Gildes, front row, Self Cajur Prowse ?'

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An obituary published in the Times with a second cutting with a correction from an air vice-marshal.

An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

Top left - view looking down from aircraft of a city below. Captioned 'Tel Aviv, Palestine from 10,000 ft'.
Top right - view of secluded garden with trees and building in background. Captioned '"little bit of heaven" at Shaibah, behind officer's…


A military building with Baghdad West in English and Arabic on a sign over a gated entrance.

Top - broken rear fuselage of a crashed aircraft. Captioned 'KLM airliner crashed Rhatra Wells, Arabia'.
Bottom - front quarter view of an Oxford parked with engines running and man in cockpit window. Captioned 'Oxford'.

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Top left - a large group of airmen wearing khaki uniform sitting and standing in four rows in front of a Wellington. At front middle a sign '37 Sqdn, B Flight'.
Top right - two airmen wearing khaki shirt and shorts sitting on a wall. The man on the…

Map showing Mediterranean Sea and surrounding countries. Provides a history of of the group who provided the only mobile force of heavy bombers in the Mediterranean theatre. Wellington, Halifax and B-24 acted as a tactical force attacking…

Six newspaper cuttings.
Left - headlines 'Lincoln flight sergeant is prisoner of war'. Gives some details of family.
Middle, two cuttings concerning news that Scott was promoted and to his Air Training Corps Squadron that he was prisoner of war.…

Five photographs on a card with a man, his wife, their hanging and skulls and bones. The text reads '(Butcher) Aboudy ibn Fethy Tchawoush & his wife. Sentenced to death and hanged in public For Slaughtering Children and selling their meat in the…

A plain church with a bell. On the reverse 'RAF Sightseeing Malta - ? Floriana'.

Correction kindly provided by Matthias Cantow of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

A man in uniform. On the reverse 'Another Arab Iraq'.

A small building with a cross on top. On the reverse 'RAF Malta ? Floriana'.

Correction kindly provided by Matthias Cantow of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

A man standing with a watermelon. Behind is a BP petrol station. On the reverse '- with the RAF -Iraq. My massive "watermelon" - purchased from this desert 'ARAB' - & flown with me back to the UK 1945'.

An airman sitting at the pilot's seat. On the reverse 'Commanding Officer of RAF Stn Iraq 1945'.

A WAAF at the controls of an aircraft. On the reverse 'Mum - at the controls -RAF Iraq'.

A port side view of a Lancastrian. On the reverse 'Our VIP aircraft - Serviced & ready to fly to the UK -1944. RAF Iraq (Forced Landing)'.
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