Newspaper cuttings



Newspaper cuttings


Six newspaper cuttings.
Left - headlines 'Lincoln flight sergeant is prisoner of war'. Gives some details of family.
Middle, two cuttings concerning news that Scott was promoted and to his Air Training Corps Squadron that he was prisoner of war. At the bottom a hymn for the RAF.
Right - top cutting headlined 'Goodbye to the Wimpeys' stating that Wellingtons with RAF in Italy were replaced by Liberators (B-24).
Bottom right - headline 'Quiet Corner, In his hands ' Poem.




Six newspaper cuttings mounted on an album page


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Flight-Sergt Eric W. Scott, R.A.F.V.R. reported missing in the Adriatic theatre of war two months ago, is a prisoner of war in German hands.

His wife, formerly Miss Jessie Brown, of William street, has received a post-card saying that he is well, but as he was expecting to be moved, told her not to write until she heard from him again.

Flight-Sergt Scott is the second sone of Mr. and Mrs. F. Scott, of William – street, Lincoln, and before joining the R.A.F. in 1941 he was employed in the reseach [sic] department at Clayton-Dewandre Co., Ltd. He was a member of the 1237 squadron Lincoln Air Training Corps.

A letter from ex-Cadet E.W. Scott brings the good news that he has been promoted to Flt.-Sgt. and is at present in Italy, starting on his second tour of operations. Flt.-Sgt. Scott is a bomb-aimer and has seen service in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. On completing his first tour he had a short leave in Egypt and then went to Palestine, where he has for several months been instructing. He is now looking forward to finishing this second tour and then coming home.

Members of the squadron will be very pleased to learn that their old comrade Eric Scott, now a prisoner of war in Germany, has been granted a commission. Apparently this very excellent news came through about a week before he was reported missing, but his relatives have only recently been notified, and it is still doubtful whether Eric himself yet knows he is now a pilot officer. Congratulations, Eric, from your old squadron.

Hymn for the R.A.F.

Lord, hold them in Thy mighty hand
Above the ocean and the land.
Like wings of eagles mounting high
Along the pathways of the sky.

Immortal is the name they bear
And high the honour that they share.
Until a thousand years have rolled
Their deeds of valour shall be told.

In dark of night and light of day,
God speed and bless them on their way.
And homeward safely guide each one,
With glory gained and duty done.

Goodbye to the Wimpeys

ROME, Monday. – The Wellington bombers with the R.A.F. in Italy, the “Wimpeys,” have been replaced by Liberators for land warfare, it was announced tonight. Only a few remain for anti-submarine and shipping strikes.

Their four-year record began with the famous “mail runs” to Benghazi. Since then they have ranged over all the battlefields, from Iraq through North Africa to the Alps and the Balkans.

But now, said an R.A.F. officer tonight, “the old ladies are just not fast enough.”- Express News Service.


In His Hands


I cannot hear your voice today – I cannot see your face – But He, the Friend is where you are. His presence fills all space.

His Spirit fills the universe. His Love is everywhere. He holds the faithful in the safety of His tender care.

I know that you are in His hands – wherever you may be – and knowing this, how can I doubt that you’ll come back to me.

By Patience Strong


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