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Harold Jack Lazenby's autobiography.

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He is expecting leave when he gets transferred. The weather has delayed the course again. They have been drinking beer in Newark.

Certifies that Mr Norman Powell was admitted to hospital from 1 March 1950 until 17 April 1950.

A telegram and envelope adressed to Frank with birthday greetings from his mother.

Flyer is published by Dean & Dawson Ltd Travel Organisers. There is also a flyer for the festival in the Albert Hall. Frank was a member of his school choir that took part in the festival.

Having taken part in the National Festival on 6 May 1938, Portsmouth schools held their own festival later that month in Portsmouth. Frank was in his school choir that took part in both.

Two pages removed from the Radio Times covering 6 May 1938. A central box draws attention to The Schools Music Festival being broadcast that afternoon from the Royal Albert Hall. Newspaper cuttings record the same event and lists the names of the…

Four pages completed when Frank joined the Service in 1941.

Ackowledges that he has joined the RAFVR as potential aircrew.

Form signed by his father allowing Frank to join the RAF.

Took place in the Albert Hall May 6th 1938. Three items one a photogrph of the Portsmouth contingent, a press clipping from 19th May reporting a concert in Portsmouth Guildhall, third a press clipping reporting the London performance.

Full length image of two airmen wearing greatcoats and side caps. They both have sergeants rank and medals on their coats. In the background a Wellington. On the reverse '1. Front gunner (left),
2. Rear gunner (right),
2 rear gunner was killed when…

Notes for unidentified photographs numbered 330, 305, 304, 325, 326, 306.

Thanks her for letter and comments on how lucky she is to have his brother as husband. Mentions he would be leaving current location soon and has only a little night flying to finish. Writes he will be happy to get home as he has been away so long.…


Writes about leave and catches up with family matters and travel arrangements.

Writes of worrying about correspondence when one is so far away from home and continues with philosophical chat. Catches up with family news. Writes that he is in hospital with septic arm and measles. He would be out the next day but had been put…


Writes thanking him for letters and discusses money jointly spent on sons uniform. Talks about his current location and lack of progress and thinks they are wasting their time. Speculates on the near future, Catches up with other family matters.

Birth certificate for Albion John Turner from Portsmouth district born 6 October 1911, registered 9 October 1911. Copy dated 4 October 1937.

A man wearing white jumper, trousers and boots sits holding the tiller in the back of a boat at sea. In the background a sea shore and buildings. On the reverse 'September 1951, To Penelope from Grandpa Turner with lots of love, This photo was taken…

On the left a woman with light top and belt stands next to a man wearing suit and tie and holding an umbrella, To the left an open door and in the background parts of other houses and a lattice fence. On the reverse 'Kaye and John before we married…

Three quarter length portrait of a man wearing jacket and tie sitting on a bench with grass bank and large building in the background. On the reverse 'John, Southsea'.

Writes he is about to embark on a ship and there will be no mail while aboard for about 5 weeks. Destination is a mystery but he speculates about the future, Catches up with family news.
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