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A bride and groom on their wedding day. On the reverse is dated 18 June 1946.

Harry refers to the London reunion.

Lance invites him to a reunion in London.

A guide to socialising in London.

This item is available only at the University of Lincoln.


A letter sent to Joan Broderick signed by King George VI offering sympathy for the death of her husband, Kenneth James Broderick.

A letter from the Air Ministry informing Joan Broderick that her husband, Kenneth James Broderick who has been missing in action, is presumed dead.

A letter from the Air Ministry sent to Joan Broderick to inform her that her husband Kenneth James Broderick has gone missing in operations. The Air Ministry reassures Joan and will inform her if they receive any news, and they ask her to do the…

A letter sent to Mrs Broderick from a Flight Lieutenant of 106 Squadron. The letter concerns the whereabouts of Joan Broderick's husband, Kenneth, who is presumed deceased. The letter is a response to a previous letter and offers advice and guidance…

A letter from the British Red Cross and Order of St John of Jerusalem sent to Mrs Joan Broderick concerning her husband, Kenneth. The letter provides an update on the whereabouts of Joan's husband, of which the German authorities have no further…

A letter from the British Red Cross and Order of St John of Jerusalem sent to Mrs Joan Broderick concerning her husband, Kenneth, whose whereabouts is still unknown. The letter includes the information of two of Kenneth's crew members, Sergeant…

Flying log book for J F Mills, Navigator, covering the period from 20 September 1942 to 24 September 1950. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying with 1332 heavy conversion unit, 246 squadron, number 23 reserve flying…

Letter informing Flight Lieutenant Mills that his service with the Royal Air Force expired.

A letter sent by the Air Ministry detailing the death of Sergeant William Richard Hunt. The letter includes the date of William Richard Hunt's presumed death and where he is buried. It is signed by a Flying Officer.

The top centre photograph shows two men in swimming trunks both holding cigarettes.
Centre left shows men on parade outside accommodation blocks.
Middle centre shows five men in military uniform standing outside a building.
Centre right shows a…

A man and a woman standing next to each other outside Buckingham Palace. The woman is holding an object.

A letter of condolence written to Mrs A. S. Pring, signed by King George VI.

A memorial article about Frank telling of his professional and service life.

A brief biography of Frank's work with Barnet council.

The article gives a brief resume of Frank's life. He worked as a councillor for Barnet but joined up despite his commitment to pacifism.

A memorial card presented on Frank's baptism.


He asks her how it feels to be a grandmother. She describes the baby, Patricia.

An invitation from Squadron Leader Mick Martin to the first squadron reunion.
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