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Writes of the saga of getting permission to move into new house, going to Chalfont St Giles and all pubs being full. Writes of friendly neighbour putting her up and paying some of house purchase fee, Goes on to describe her activities the next day in…

Dave advises his fiancée, Betty, that he has received a letter and a parcel. He informs her that he has settled in the new place, but has to work even harder than at Elementary Flying Training School. Dave explains that the course is difficult, but…

A travel document issued to Liz Humphrey when she was posted to RAF Stradishall.

First operation to Montluçon 15 September 1943. Briefed as easy trip with little opposition. Arrived early and waited for pathfinders, bombed from 8000 ft. Wing Commander Smith missing from operation reported hit by bombs. Operation 2, Mondane 16…

Vittorio Finauri (b. 1931) remembers the first bombing of Foligno on 22 November 1943. Explains that it was completely unexpected and people were caught unprepared, so bombs aimed at nearby barracks resulted in a heavy death toll. Describes how some…
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