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Portrait of Isabel and Andrew, upper torso, both in uniform, Andrew with sergeant's stripes and observer brevet. Written on reverse 'copy 3 pc gent only' and reference number. Printed on reverse: 'The State Studios, 581 London Road, Glasgow. S E',…

Letter giving pension details to Isabel as a widow.

Letter to Isabel confirming the information from the International Red Cross that Andrew had lost his life when his aircraft was lost. But he would formally be listed as 'missing believed killed' for six months.

Congratulates the flying officer on his award of Distinguished Flying Cross

Humorous letter from David Donaldson to Flying Officer Matthew saying he's sorry to hear he is indisposed.

A letter and envelope from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. He writes about memories of their home-life and admits to being homesick. He has finished some tricky examinations and hopes to have more time in the evenings. Harry plans out Jessie's…

A letter and envelope from Harry to his wife Jessie. He writes in great detail about his day's leave in Glasgow.

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A man and a woman, dressed in smart summer wear, pose in a park. He holds a pipe and she carries a dark coloured bag and a pair of white gloves. On the reverse 'Helpers. Don’t remember name. Might be Daniel' and 'Tollcross Août 1952'.


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