Newspaper cutting - Glasgow pilot wins DFC



Newspaper cutting - Glasgow pilot wins DFC


Account of actions of acting Flight Lieutenant Thomas Blyth during attack on Frankfurt resulting in award of Distinguished Flying Cross. Includes b/w full face photograph and some biographical details.




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Bombing Attack When Wounded
From Our Own Correspondent
LONDON, Thursday.

Great courage, determination, and fortitude shown by a Glasgow pilot, Acting Flight Lieutenant Thomas Blyth, during the air attack on Frankfurt last month has won for him the Distinguished Flying Cross.

While over the target area his aircraft was hit. The windscreen was shattered, and some of the flying fragments entered his neck; he was also struck in the face by the clear-vision panel which had been torn loose. One of the petrol tanks was pierced, its contents becoming lost. Although badly dazed and almost frozen by the icy blast from the air flow which poured in through the shattered windscreen, Flight Lieutenant Blyth executed his bombing attack and afterwards flew the aircraft to base.


Flight Lieutenant Blyth was born in Glasgow in 1912, and was educated at Queen's Park Secondary School, Glasgow.

Flight Lieutenant Blyth, who is 31 years of age, is a son of the late Bailie and Mrs. Thomas J. Blyth, Glasgow. He is married, and has his home in London, where he had entered upon his business career. He volunteered for service with the R.A.F. soon after the outbreak of war, and after receiving his commission he acted as an instructor before going on operations about a year ago. A younger brother, Pilot Officer Robert Blyth, is in Canada.


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