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An account of operation as Pathfinder against German naval and submarine base at Kiel when his aircraft was shot down by 'Schrage Musik' equipped night-fighter which cause the aircraft to break in two. Describes crew actions during bomb run and…

A card from the Caterpillar Club to Dick Curnock annotated 'Have ordered pin for J Fullum. Thought you might find these of interest! Eileen [undecipherable]'

A Caterpillar Club brooch.

A torn off section of an envelope with the the address of the Caterpillar Club

Made out for Flying Officer E W Sanger

A note welcoming Edgar Meredith to the Caterpillar Club. There is also a photograph of a group of trainee airmen arranged in eight rows.

The letter apologises for the delay in sending out the caterpillar club badge to Sergeant George Reid Williamson. The sender encloses the badge with good wishes. Signed on behalf of Leslie Irvin.

A Certificate of Membership of the Caterpillar Club awarded to David Geach complete with a welcoming note.

Keith Bruhn's membership card.

Certificate of membership made out to Pilot Officer A N Hollis.

Dick Curnock's Caterpillar Club membership card.

A card issued to J Fullum.

Card with Irving Caterpillar Club certificate of membership for Flying Officer C R Godfrey signed by hon sec European division.

List of contents of box including medals, badges, log book, insignia, membership cards, letters. photographs, memoir, service and other documents and a sketch.

Catepillar clubcertificate of membership made out to 'F/O G J North'. Signed by hon sec European Division

George Hutton won ten pounds for composing a motto regarding the manufacture of Mosquitos. In time he volunteered as aircrew and trained as a gunner. He was posted to 199 Squadron for his first tour. His second tour was with 514 Squadron. The crew…

James Mulhall trained as a flight engineer and was posted to 75 Squadron at RAF Mepal. On one operation the crew were surprised to be presented by the ground crew with a 303 bullet which proved that they had been the recipient of friendly fire. On…

Number 9. Has heard from Caterpillar Club that badges are being sent. Reports food parcel from Lisbon and list contents. Writes of damage to his gold ring. Writes of activities and rumour of move. Mentions lice have disappeared and provides cryptic…

Sent to Ursula Valentine stating that they were glad to hear that John Valentine had saved his life with one of their chutes. However, they regret that they would not be able to send a badge until after the war due to supply restrictions.

Letter of appreciation for his service from Air Force Board of the Royal Australian Air Force. At the bottom a Caterpillar club certificate of membership made out to F/O D V Kelly.

The letter accompanied the gold pin Dick has purchased from the Caterpillar Club.

Reports arrival of letters and says how much she treasures them. Answers points he raised; glad to receive definite ruling on future housing, notes that future main source of supply would be Touche, plans to do agricultural course when he gets back…

Mentions receiving his letter of 5 October and another from Caterpillar Club with membership card. Continues with news of domestic activities, the arrival of new lodger with baby which daughter Frances is thrilled to have in the house. Writes of…
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