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A newspaper article about a campaign to recognise the loss of Teddy's crew mates.

Draft of memoir with contents page - giving service history. Followed by pages with reference to photographs for name and rank, deferred service, ground training dates and places, training in Canada, back home for service flying, 5 Group, 51 base,…

Front and back of an envelope, addressed to George Royall and having been redirected several times. Includes postmarks.

Transcript of F Dunn's memoir describing life before and after joining the RAF. Includes induction and starting off in the RAF in England and then sea voyage to South Africa and then initial training in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Autographical account of life at the beginning of the war including service in ARP in Swindon. Reasons for volunteering for the RAF. Registered for military service in February 1941. Waiting for call-up. Induction at St John's Wood London and…

Full length image of an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and half brevet standing in a garden with trellis behind. On the reverse 'Fred visiting friends at Manchester, he stayed with them before embarking for South Africa'.


He has suddenly been transferred overnight and boarded a troopship. He has been working an hour a day as a mess orderly. He says the food is good.

He thanks her for her letters. He is back in Manchester and he is not amused. Jean has joined a choral society and he makes flippant comments about her singing.

He has moved to Blackpool from Manchester. He complains about prices and how mean his landlady is. Jean is about to become a WAAF. He has been to a dance at the Winter Gardens.

EBartleADwyer [Mrs]430916-0001.jpg
The letter from the wife of a crew member, Sergeant Bartle, asks if she has heard anything about the crew. She has been in touch with Pilot Officer Griffin's wife and Pilot Officer Walsh's wife. Air Gunner Grellier's mother also wrote to her.…

A newspaper article describing an attack on Nuremberg. It is annotated 'No 9 27/8 1943'.

An article about the bombing of Remscheid. It is annotated 'No 5 30/7/43'.

The letter from Ron's cub master expresses sorrow that Ron is missing.

The events after Ronald was shot down on the morning of D-day.

For William Roy Peter Perry - gives some personal details and list postings and re-mustering. Includes form for temporary service in Canada with list of postings. Notes awarded flying badge. Commissioned 18 May 1943.

Covers an enclosed article recently published in the magazine "Weather" in which he though Pete Perry might be interested.

Mentions leaving for destination unknown and writes a little of his activities and money.

RAF Form 295 issued to Jose allowing her to travel home.

RAF Form 295 issued to Jose to allow her to travel home.

RAF Form 1672 issued to Jose to allow her to travel home.

A pass issued to Jose to allow her to travel home.
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