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A handwritten notebook containing the war diary of A Dorricott from October 1914. He embarks the SS Deseado at Southampton and sails through the Bay of Biscay, past Gibraltar to Malta. They continued with naval escorts to Port Said, through the Suez…

Birthday letter to David Donaldson from his aunt Nettie telling him of her coming lecture tour and wishing him 'good luck'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Letter to David Donaldson from his aunt Nettie at the end of the war. She encloses a gift (cheque) from her brother in Canada to David. Nettie describes how she and her sister (David's mother) are restablishing the home in Southampton after having…

Letter to David Donaldson from his aunt Nettie congratulating him on the Bar to his D.S.O and talking briefly about her publishing – royalties and printing shortages.

Recounts four events in detail. First the attack on Martinvast from RAF Swanton Morley on 26 November 1943 where they encountered heavy anti-aircraft fire and had to divert on return to Hartford Bridge. On return they counted over 250 shrapnel…

He apologises for not meeting her, explains he has not been out much and has a sore tooth, he is going to a 'posh' dance, asks about Stanley and sympathises with Robbie.


He writes to Lynne about her holiday in Bournemouth, his brief trip to Andover to see Euny, he called in at his old firm and saw old friends and finally he mentions Stan and his letter.


He writes about his shock that Ian is missing. Hopes that he is a prisoner.

Writes that he was pleased to receive her letter and glad she feels husband is safe. States he has no intention of joining commandos. Catches up with family and friends news and tells a little about his army life.

Norman Neilson was an apprentice engineer at St Rollox Locomotive Works when he volunteered. He had originally wanted to join the Navy but joined the RAF because the only way he could be released from his position was to volunteer for aircrew. His…

Army Book X802 issued to Irene Gordon. It includes her Release Leave Certificate.

Writes giving details of her husband, his evacuation by the Germans as a prisoner and mentions the condition of his burns which were rapidly improving..

Charles Walkden writes to Mrs Wareing thanking her for her letter and postage stamps. He gives her information on his recovery, about himself and his impending repatriation to his home in Winnipeg and his time in England.

He writes that he has recently been in close contact with her husband, Squadron Leader Robert Wareing as they were prisoners in the same hospital. He advises that her husband, with others, were evacuated by the Germans but that he, himself, remained…

Oliver went for selection to Cardington and joined the RAF in 1941 as an observer (navigator and bomb aimer). He was called up to the Aircrew Receiving Centre at Lord’s Cricket Ground and sent to Aberystwyth. He was posted to the Elementary…

As her father was in the Royal Navy, Margaret attended school in Gibraltar, Portsmouth, and (after her mother’s death) Malta, before returning to Gosport in the UK when she was eleven. In 1939, she was fifteen and working for a company making soft…

Pauline Holloway grew up in Harrow and turned eighteen one month before the end of the Second World War. She recollects listening to Churchill’s speeches on the radio, sheltering during air attacks in a purpose-built extension to her house, and…

Leslie Valentine was a second year student at the University of Scotland when he volunteered for the Army. After serving with the BEF and returning to the UK after Dunkirk he saw an advertisement for aircrew with the RAF and decided he would…

Cyril Henry Bridges was born in Ramsgate and served as a flight engineer in the RAF. He tells of his father, a deep-sea fisherman, who fought in the First World War and later helped evacuate troops from Dunkirk. Remembers his early life, taking on…

Includes certificate of competency, details of holder. renewals in 1935, 35, 37, 38, 39.

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Note to an unknown recipient from David Donaldson. Written from his home: 'The Elms'.

Aunt Dorothy wishes David a happy birthday and good luck. Catches up with family news.
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