Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Bert Boyer



Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Bert Boyer


Writes that he was pleased to receive her letter and glad she feels husband is safe. States he has no intention of joining commandos. Catches up with family and friends news and tells a little about his army life.




Temporal Coverage



Four page handwritten letter


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(1101038) Sapper Boyes G.H.
“C” Coy Party 126
J.W.T.W. TN.T.C. R.E
Liss Hants.
9 June 1943.

My dear Kath,
I was very pleased to receive your letter tonight, I understand how you must feel about writing and find it very much of a trial.
I am glad you feel confident that Ian is safe, I too am sure you will hear that that is so, hope is a great thing so keep it up Kath, I hope you are wrong about us being Grandparents before he returns, I feel very angry when ever I think of the war, it seems so mad and stupid.
Don’t worry about me joining the Commando’s Kath, I’m not so
[page break]
much in love with this devilish life to get more involved than I can help, everyone in the R [Royal] Engrs [Engineers] has to learn how to do these things, and many others too, I expect to be starting my course as a Rly Clerk in about 3 weeks time.
I’m glad the children are O.K. and that David likes school so much, I feel sure that lad will be an excellent scholar, and I am sure he is getting a good start.
What a shame Stammers wasn’t the Skipper, I am sure he would have bought them back and Ian thought such a lot of him
I have had a letter from Bessie tonight, she says that John is better again and that he has one tooth through, they are going to Manchester for Whit and are
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going to have his photo taken, so I expect she will be sending you one, if not I will, I hope they turn out O.K. I am longing to get home again to see him and you all.
How nice of both Bessie and Mabel to ask you to go for a change I had been thinking of that and felt sure Bessie would ask you, why don’t you take advantage of it, and have a bit of a change, because if there was news of Ian I am sure your Dad would be over within the hour.
I don’t seem to have much news to tell you Kath there does’nt [sic] seem to be much but work here, we start at 9.40am and don’t finish until 6pm, we are at lectures quite a lot of the day, and have to write up
[page break]
Our notes at night and study, I managed to pass my exam last Saturday on the first ¼ of this course I got 100%, but I don’t think I will do so well this week but one never knows.
I have met one fellow from the old firm CLC Jack Whitley a clerk at Winnington his home is next door to Uncle Herbert at Ashton, he is on his Clerks Course and has to do this one afterwards.
I don’t know when I will get any leave it may be a couple of months yet.
I will close now, please give my love to the Children and your Mother and Father, and don’t forget Kath that if there is anything I can do to help you, don’t be afraid to let me know.



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