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Includes editorial matter; a message to relatives from the Archbishop of York (C F Garbett); official reports from the camps; the letters they write home; groups from the camps; do parcels really get there? how they help (fundraising at home); mail…

Target photograph showing open countryside with a bomb explosion centre bottom in a valley. Captioned '2294, 104/35, 16/Dec/44, F8, 5500 ft,→14.12, A.F. Macasvo'.

Formal photograph of the 65 members of course arranged in five rows in front of hangar doors, captioned, 22 S.F.T.S. at Thornhill, Gwelo 51A course'. Annotated 'The 'Boys' of 51A Course'. The surnames are written on the individual photographs.

Printed sheet of Wellington Crash Landing Drill (Flying Training Command)

15 men arranged in two rows captioned 'No 39 Joint Air Traffic Control Area Radar Course'. Each participant is named underneath.


County Borough of Southampton, Deanery Senior Boys School, Leaver's Record and Character form, Very good.

Five items on an album page.

Item 1 is a newspaper cutting about Germans giving an aircrew champagne, then surrendering.
Item 2 is a handwritten list of three operations and their dates.
Item 3 is a photograph of a number of Stirlings…

A citation referring to Wannop's piloting a damaged aircraft, pressing home the attack and returning safely.

A low level oblique image of the damaged bridges at Cologne. The railway station and all the surrounding buildings except the Cathedral are destroyed.

Two receipts for classified documents, an envelope marked secret and a handwritten annotation.

A cartoon of Brian with a brief biography.

A photograph of a model made by Brian with details on its construction.

A record of events and their times for the period 26 January to 2 March 1944 (72 pages).

A record of events and their times recorded at RAF Tholthorpe during the period 2 March to 31 March 1944 (74 pages).

A record of events and their times at RAF Tholthorpe during the period 31 March to 13 May 1944 (68 pages).

A record of events and their times at RAF Tholthorpe for the period 13 May to 16 June 1944 (126 pages).

A record of events and their times at RAF Tholthorpe covering the period 17 June to 21 July 1944 (78 pages).

A record of events and their times at RAF Tholthorpe covering the period 21 July to 17 August 1944 (73 pages).

A group of ice hockey players arranged in two rows. Each individual is named in the caption, including Gerry Philbin.


Includes don'ts for MT drivers, technical terms, notes on vehicle chassis and drive shafts, brakes, bearings, care and maintenance, inspections, controls and engines. Goes on with using maps and routes. Continues with lubricating systems, accident…

Cover letter and certificate for mentioned in dispatches award announced in London Gazette to Leading Aircraftwoman J E K Nicholls.

Form 432A listing vacancies in the RAF and an application for enlistment.

A messing card numbered 49. On the reverse is two handwritten names and addresses and a financial calculation.


A group of 12 men arranged in two rows in front of an aircraft. On the reverse each man is named.

11 airmen dressed in shorts, only two are wearing tops. The front row is seated with the back row standing. On the reverse 'Communication Flight's Cricket Team. Runners Up. 1946.'
Each man is named. Stan is front row, third from right.
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