Chapter 8 - Overture and Beginners. Gives account of time on OTU at RAF Lossiemouth. Includes ground instruction, crewing up and description of station and training on Wellington. Writes about a fatal crash he sees and about some of his sorties. Gives details of crash crew. Chapter 9 - learning the trade. Writes of short time at RAF Acaster Malbis and then on to 1669 Heavy Conversion Unit a RAF Langar flying Halifaxes. Describes station, activities and training sorties. Notes at the end give details of aircrew and list of operations flown by aircraft Halifax W7928 (EY-R) during its time on 78 Squadron. Chapter 10 - last days in Europe. Starts with arrival at No 5 Lancaster Finishing School at RAF Syerston. Writes of training on Lancaster and giving their preference for operational posting and arrival on 227 Squadron at RAF Balderton. Gives short history of squadron and design of squadron crest. Describes station and loss of pilot colleague on his second dicky trip. Covers arrival on squadron, personalities and detailed description of first operation as second pilot. Continues with squadron move to RAF Strubby. Comments on 5 Group targets and describes subsequent operations to Lutzkendorf and losses. Mentions Operations Manna and Exodus. Describes land actions in Europe and air force operations and the goes on to cover some activities after the end of the war including an Operation Exodus sortie. Notes at the end with information on aircrew casualties and crashes of aircraft on Exodus sorties. Chapter 11 - the odd job men. Description pf post war activities including dumping dangerous incendiaries into the North Sea, preparation for Tiger Force and move to RAF Graveley, Concludes with move to 582 Squadron including sorties on Operation Dodge.

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