Black dog mascot



Black dog mascot


Small cloth black dog mascot and text explanation. Belonged to donor's grandfather and had been in family for 74 years. Provides some other information in items donated.


Cloth dog and printed document


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I was lucky enough to inherit my grandfather's mascot and after visiting the International Bomber Command Centre recently I and my family was so impressed with the memorial and museum that I felt it was the right to donate charlie the dog as a gift and as a permanent memorial to not only my grandfather and his crew, the waaf girl that made it but also all those that served and all those that lost their lives. I know my grandfather would be very proud.

Charlie the dog has been in the family almost 74 years. My grandfather cherished him very much all his life, his crew also during their tour to the point where they would not fly without Charlie the dog.

I hope my grandfather's logbook and the three photos we have loaned to the museum to be copied will be of use and the museum will return them in the coming weeks. The Lancaster photo is D for Dog, my grandfathers lancaster bomber NF927 (the lancaster he flew the most) hence Charlie the luck mascot. The insignia on the side of his aircraft is the cross over the swastica with the words "Right over Might" which was designed by his groundcrew.



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