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Account of Jim Copus's last operation to Frankfurt during which his 97 Squadron Lancaster was shot down by a Me 110 night fighter. Includes the task of air gunners, the engagement by the night fighter which disabled all hydraulics including those to…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 26/27 March 1944. The fourth member of each crew is underlined and ticked, Includes two standby crews with aircraft allocated annotated alongside. Shows timings and duty personnel

Target photograph of Essen. Only wide bands of light visible. Captioned '6B', '270 SKELL. 26/27.3.44//NT. 8" 19500' [arrow] 162° 2211 ESSEN. M. 1X4000. 15X4. 8X30. 31SECS. W/C HEWARD M. 50.'. On the reverse 'Flash explosion frame 6'.
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