Letter from Pat Hogan to his father



Letter from Pat Hogan to his father


Writes that he sent a birthday cable and says a little about his current situation, that he was getting leave and had applied for a country place in Devon or Cornwall. Mentions types of mail and arrival times. Describes a day out in the country and a girl who he had taken out a few times.




Temporal Coverage



Four page handwritten letter


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AWS 436464
Sgt. Hogan PJ
Aus PO
London WC2
Dear Dad,
I sent you a cable conveying birthday greetings today and no doubt you will get it before the 5th. This place is just as good for us as ever although of course we have settled down considerably after our first fling after being couped up on the boat.
It is quite apparent that it is not going to last being like this for us. We will shortly be sent elsewhere to get our noses back to the grindstone & get stuck into work with a vengeance. However I’m very pleased to say that firstly we are getting a week’s leave. Lady Ryder very kindly arranges billets according to our own wishes and specifications.
Since my arrival I’ve been told continually that the SW counties are by far the most pretty and consequently we have applied for a country place in Devon or Cornwall. Much of this part is cut out by the Easter travel ban however, and we may be sent elsewhere.
We should know particulars within a few days as we are supposed to be going at the weekend.
The only mails which have arrived so far are a few odd air graphs but I presume you know nothing of them first up. The difference between the two is that air graphs take approximately 3-4 weeks & surface may take 3-4 months. I’ll mix mine to you up. Incidentally surface mail costs me nothing. I’ll enclose a certificate that I crossed the equator – an obvious fact of course, but you may find it of interest.
I had the day out yesterday in the country a short way from here and it was alright, believe me to leave the city behind for a while. It was a beautiful day – about their best this spring & the sun was out for some time and the “downs’ were very green and verdant and made a very pretty picture. The invitation came from an A.T.S girl stationed in town here & whom I’ve taken out a few times. Nothing serious of course but she’s not bad company & a darnside better than the thousands of rather common ? chewers, game suckers who drape this town.
The only questions I can think of asking are the same olds until I hear from you. But here’s hoping you are all well and that you all have a happy and a holy Easter.
Love and best wishes to you all



P J Hogan, “Letter from Pat Hogan to his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 27, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/32002.

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