Letter to Reg Wilson's Mother



Letter to Reg Wilson's Mother


The letter advises that Reg has been commissioned as an officer and arrangements need to be put in place to receive his salary.



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[Air Ministry crest]

[deleted] LONDON, S.W.1 [/deleted]
2, Seville Street,
London, S.W.1.

TELEPHONE: [deleted] ABBEY 3411. [/deleted] [inserted] Sloane 0771 [/inserted]

Any communications on the subject of this letter should be addressed to:-
and the following number quoted:-
K.27330/44/Accts 16A

27 March, 1944.


With reference to the further casualty report, of which you are aware, that your son is a prisoner of war, I am directed to inform you that he was appointed to a commission with effect from 1st December, 1943. Consequently, the allotment he made to you during his service as an airman should no longer continue through official channels, as it rests with an officer to make his own arrangements for the provision of funds to his dependents.

While an officer is a prisoner of war, his Royal Air Force pay normally continues in issue to his banking account by the Royal Air Force Agents subject to deductions in respect of any income tax for which he may be liable and of advances of pay issuable by the captor government.

In your son’s case, no instructions are held regarding the banking account to which his Royal Air Force pay should be credited, and it is probable that at the date of his capture, he was unaware of his appointment to a commission. It is therefore, suggested that you write to him by Air Mail explaining the position and requesting him to inform the Air Ministry, Accounts 16A, (no address to be quoted) of the banking account to which his Royal Air Force pay should be credited and to give instructions, which may be passed by this Department to the bankers he nominates, regarding any sums he may wish to be made available to you. For his information, it may be stated that the Royal Air Force Agents, Messrs. Glyn Mills and Co, (Holt’s Branch), Osterley Park, Isleworth, Middlesex are prepared


Mrs. M. Wilson,
38, Joydon Drive,
Chadwell Heath,
Romford, Essex.

[National Scheme for Disabled Men crest]

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to act as bankers.

If the cessation of the allotment made by your son will result in hardship for you, I am to request that you will inform this Department without delay, in order that temporary arrangements may be made through the Royal Air Force Agents for the continuance of payments to you from his Royal Air Force pay. Meanwhile, you should continue to cash the orders in your voluntary allotment order book.

If however, you do not require the continance [sic] of the payments, your order book should be returned to this department forthwith. A prepaid label is enclosed for your reply.

I am, Madam,
Your obedient Servant,


for Director of Accounts.


Great Britain. Air Ministry, “Letter to Reg Wilson's Mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35632.

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