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He has received two letters. He has been playing football. The compound band is playing a concert that night. He is well and in good spirits.

He has only had one letter. He dislocated his finger playing basketball. They are having three plays that night.

He has had two letters. They are having a concert that night. He discusses the small amount of money that they receive and how it is spent.

Hand written table titled 'April - June 1942, losses in chronological order 50 Squadron, code : VN, Base : Skellingthorpe'. During this period the squadron was operating the Manchester. The last two entries are for August and September.

L J Edwards Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 03 July 1942 to 02 February 1943. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as air gunner/wireless operator. He was stationed at RAF Oakington (7 Squadron). Aircraft flown…

Author (probably Roy J de Niese) gives some information on recruitment and training of Ceylonese volunteers for the RAF. Includes his recruitment and initial training in Ceylon, travel to Great Britain, enlistment, elementary flying training and…

Forty airmen wearing tunics and side caps sitting and standing in four rows. Several men have an "x" above head or on their shoulders. On the reverse 'Pete top left, 56 course 37 SFTS Calgary Alberta Canada, May - Sep 42, "x" LACs, Tabory, Gelfices,…

The Penhold Log. Contains many articles including account of trip to United States, station headquarters notes, how Canada became British, boys in the RAF, a cyclist memories, entertainment news, sporting activities (photograph of athletics team),…

Day by day description of events and activities for 1941 and 1942. Records films seen, war news including RAF operations, football matches played, weather, going to cadets, air raids, dates with Mary, social events, meeting friends, fire watching…

Album page note 'Return to UK - December 1942 on Queen Elizabeth I'.
Top left - view across park with trees at distant church. Captioned 'The Stray, Harrogate'.
Top right - view down town street with tees and buildings either side. Captioned…

Transcription of day by day account of activities from 19 April 1942 to 3 October 1942. Commences with photograph of Squadron in front of Halifax and of pilots on training course (Pattisson top left), Records daily activities, casualties, losses of…

Two album pages captioned, 'The North Shore, Lake Superior, Canada, on the way out west September 1942'. The first has four photographs all showing variations of expanses of water and rocky shores, all have printed captions.
The second has four…

Four album pages, the first page is captioned 'No 31 E.F.T.S. R.A.F. De Winton, Alberta, Canada. September-November 1942'. It has five photographs.
The first has a Tiger Moth over snow covered expanse, captioned 'Tiger Moth about to take off'.…

Page captioned 'Montreal, Canada September 1942'. four photographs, first is of a low rise skyscraper, captioned 'Sun & Life building'.
Second a view of the city captioned, Montreal from Mount Royal'.
Third is similar captioned ' Another view…

A group of 17 pilots including Laurie Penn. Four of the pilots are identified.

Second son of Sir Alliot Verdon-Roe founder of A.V. Roe & Co Ltd to be killed in the RAF Bomber Command in WWII. Starts with b/w photograph of head and shoulders portrait of an RAF officer wearing tunic with pilot's brevet, medal ribbon,…

Starts with a poem and then a series of stories which together form the memoirs of Harold Yeoman, an officer who served in Bomber Command during the war, initially as a pilot on Wellingtons and then as an Intelligence Officer. He relates his…

Memoir including photographs of the crew and aircraft. Thomas Jones was a flight engineer on Stirling and Lancaster and completed 64 operations on two tours. Describes early life, joining the RAF, selection and training., crewing up and first posting…

Lists training 8 sorties at the end of September 1942 and on next page state that killed in action 20 December 1942.

Silver case with inscription 'Presented by Northumberland Air Observer School Ltd, to, GB1337567 Sgt H L Fry for, General Proficiency, Sept 1942'.


Card with head and shoulders photograph and personnel details.

A large group of RAF officers all wearing tunic sitting and standing in four rows, Pilot Officer N J Crompton is on the right hand end of the third row.


Roy in scout uniform, September 1942.

Includes don'ts for MT drivers, technical terms, notes on vehicle chassis and drive shafts, brakes, bearings, care and maintenance, inspections, controls and engines. Goes on with using maps and routes. Continues with lubricating systems, accident…

Some details about operations carried out by Sam after he transferred to 40 squadron.
Photo 1 is a vertical aerial photograph partly obscured by tracer fire.
Photo 2 is the 40 squadron crest.
Photo 3 is Sam in shorts and tee shirt in front of a…
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