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Flying Officer Robert Miller was born in Australia and was training to be a chemist before he volunteered for the Royal Australian Air Force. He flew 42 operations as a navigator with Bomber Command.

Bill Moore grew up in Scotland and volunteered for the Royal Air Force. He completed 36 operations as a navigator with 138 and 161 Squadrons.

Please note: The veracity of this interview has been called into question. We advise that corroborative…

Flight Sergeant Bob Porteous grew up in Australia and after spending time in the bush he joined the Royal Australian Air Force. After training and spending time in the United States, he travelled to Scotland on the Queen Mary. He flew operations as a…

Alan was born in Western Victoria in Australia. After two years in the Air Training Corps, he asked to join the Royal Australian Air Force. He was selected to go to Somers No. 2 Initial Training School on No. 46 course. Alan chose to be a…

Herbert Tinning trained as an aircraft fitter but later remustered and flew operations with 51 Squadron as a navigator. After the war, he build a career as a town planner and later as an architect.

Squadron Leader Geoffrey Whittle was born in London. After leaving school at fourteen he became an apprentice printer in the family business. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force on the outbreak of the Second World War and trained as a navigator.…

Ralph was conscripted into the army but wanted to join the air force. He eventually became an instrument repairer and trained at RAF Cranwell. When war started, he volunteered for aircrew but he was not transferred for some time. Briefly in 242…

Peter was in the Air Training Corps and joined the Royal Air Force on deferred service as a wireless operation/air gunner. He was soon called to the Air Crew Reception Centre at Lord’s cricket ground. He went to the No. 2 Radio School at RAF…

Frank Tolley was born in 1921 in Tipton and left school at fourteen to work as an errand boy for a grocer. He joined the Royal Air Force at nineteen as a ground gunner, and was in at the inception of the Royal Air Force Regiment. After eighteen…

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Mary Ward joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in 1940. She served briefly at RAF Driffield but mostly at RAF Linton on Ouse. She trained as a cook before being moved to duties as a map officer. She prepared maps for briefings and debriefings.…

A starboard side view of a Lancaster, PA964, on the ground. There are eight aircrew standing at the nose. On the reverse is a list of the aircrew including Tom Jones and a list of his operations.

The document is broken down into Definitions, scope, air warfare, air safety, organisation, Ministry of Supply, Commands, Groups, Stations, Squadrons, Basic and operational training, Post Graduate training, Navigation technique -Policy, Equipment -…

Notes on an operation including petrol, H2S, navigation to 'Laon' and gaggle.

Indicates two bomb loads. Includes time on target '0400', preselection settings, and false height settings. On the reverse; marking and tactics, bombing details, Window, camera, navigation notes and other details.

Shows two bomb loads for operation, one for seven aircraft the other for nine. Includes area for 'anti fighters' and 'anti flak', time to target, bombing heights and wind data. On the reverse marking tactics and timing including blind H2S marking,…

Table with tare, petrol, 'WS' and 'D', 'Spare', 'T.O. AUW' and actual bomb weight for different configuration aircraft.

Table with weights for tare, petrol, windfinders, spare bodies, take off all up weight, max bomb weight, window, actual bomb weight and all up weight takeoff for various aircraft configurations.

Table with weights for tare, petrol, windfinders, spare bodies, take off all up weight, max bomb weight, window, actual bomb weight and all up weight takeoff for various aircraft configurations. Main has twelve aircraft, H2S three, spare one and…

Notes include marking, briefing times, H2s set up, weights, bombing heights and target marking plan. Continues with bad weather plan, use of H2S, fighter escort details and aiming instructions.

Shows two bomb loads with distributor and false height settings. Details timings, Window and weights. Struck through and annotated 'Cancelled'. On the reverse timings and marking plan and bombing instructions.

Shows one bomb load for operation. Annotated 'Handorf' in green. Details of bombs carried for twelve aircraft. Includes weights, preselection and false height settings as well as Window, timings and other details. Gives bombing heights and notes that…

Shows two bomb loads, one for four aircraft the other for ten aircraft. In addition a further one load for mining (gardening) for four aircraft. Details weapon settings including distributor and preselection settings. Also details Window, timings…
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