Bomb aimers briefing 7 January 1944



Bomb aimers briefing 7 January 1944


Shows two bomb loads for operation, one for seven aircraft the other for nine. Includes area for 'anti fighters' and 'anti flak', time to target, bombing heights and wind data. On the reverse marking tactics and timing including blind H2S marking, list crews and aircraft and annotated weight calculations.



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Two sided form document on front partially filled in and handwritten on reverse.


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DATE 7-1-44


[Table of bomb loads and Window]

PETROL. 2154 2154


T.V. 1000 1000

BOMB WEIGHT 9968 8516

ALL UP. WEIGHT. 66,999 65,325

TIME OFF 1600 ZERO. H-H+6 2030 H-H+1.

Anti-Fighter – From 0730°E – Δ - 4700°N at Rate D
Anti-Flak – From 0730°E - Δ - 4700°N at Rate C increasing Rate G within 30 mls of Δ. WINDOWS. [Deleted] NICKELS. [/deleted] EFFORT. V Group.


BOMBING HEIGHTS. [Deleted] 16-20,000’ [/deleted] 16-18,000 minimum 13,000’

Main 1400
Capt 1315

Δ W/V 310/18 @ 15,000’ Temp -24
G/S 205 mph.

[Page break]

H-9 Red TI’s casc. 5000 & 3000’

H-7 14 Clusters hooded flares aimed at Red MPI.

H-5 Flares

H-3 Low bursting Green TI’s & 1 [deleted] Re [/deleted] TI flashing “V” aimed at MPI of Reds.

[Underlined] Emergency [boxed] W [/boxed] marking [/underlined]

From H-1 – H+6 & every minute High bursting Green TI’s at 12000 & 10,000’

[Underlined] Routemarker [/underlined] – White TI flashing “F” half way between G & H on the homeward route

[Underlined] W S & D [/underlined] – Corrected at H-5.

Supporters – 56 Base H-11 to H-5

Overshoot both sky & ground marking as briefed.

[Underlined] Orbitting [/underlined] – Right.

[Underlined] Max. T.O.T. [/underlined] – 12 mins.

Experiment in blind marking. All H2S marking.

Loran must be used for practice. No jettisoning on route back.

Main force to aim centre bomb of stick at the most accurate TI as ordered by the master bomber delaying release by 25 secs.

Attack on a [underlined] track [/underlined] of 030°T.

A Barlow.
B Spencer.
C Parkin.
D Boyle
F Peterwald
H Gardiner
J Fugger
K Gallivan
L Daggett
O Coventry
P Kennedy
Q Dives
R Thompson
T Smith
V Irving
X Newmack

[Underlined] Reserve [/underlined] Plenderleith.



“Bomb aimers briefing 7 January 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 25, 2024,

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