Bomb aimers notes



Bomb aimers notes


Notes include marking, briefing times, H2s set up, weights, bombing heights and target marking plan. Continues with bad weather plan, use of H2S, fighter escort details and aiming instructions.




Three pages handwritten notes


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Marking reclaimed land to North of the target. [sic]
Bombing wind at H-5. [diagonal line across text]
No preselection delay but preselect J clusters at end of stick. [diagonal line across text]
[the following two lines of text are outlined with a square] Left to Right
57 207 619 44. 630.
57 Sqdn - base leader firing Red Very’s. [sic]
44 - Red/Yellow.
[underlined]Briefing[/underlined] Now. 0300
Capt. 0315
Main 0345.
H2S set up for sun up [sic]. Smokescreens.
ASI’s delays.[sic]
[page break]
[insert]a series of calculations for fuel and weight[/insert]
No direct marking
Possibility of proximity markings to North of [symbol]triangle[/symbol].[sic]
Target A.U.W t. - Subtract 4,000 lbs.
Bombing Height - 15-18.000
Stick Spacing - 50 yds - .5 sec.
Target Ht. - 50’ (sea-level).
Heading - 185[symbol]degrees[/degrees] T.
TI’s - Red - 1000lb.
TI’s - Green - 250lb. [inserted]set bracket[/inserted] May be used so that controller can give directions.
Controller is a Blue Lightning with invasion markings.
Also a [underlined] Mosquito. [/underlined]
[page break]
If weather bad the Controller will bring the aircraft down.[sic] (not below 12000?) [diagonal line across text]
H hour 0900 1st off 0530. [diagonal line across text]
Bombs fall in town
Drop on H2S.
If H2S u/s bomb the tank turrets.
If turrets not visible bomb any German [symbol]triangle[/symbol][sic]
Through cloud on way back. [diagonal line through text]
No orbiting [sic] at [symbol]triangle[/symbol]. [tick mark]
Fighter escort meeting at 7 1/2 degrees [tick mark]
[deleted] 466 & 207 [/deleted] 55base Red verys. [tick mark] [diagonal line through text]
Aim centre [indecipherable word] of stick.
Attack spread in thier[sic] companies of A/C approx 1 mile apart turning right after bombing. [diagonal line through text]


“Bomb aimers notes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 21, 2024,

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