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Writes that Christmas parcel has been sent by Krakenberger but choice of items that can be send from Switzerland was recently restricted. Only books, sports articles and musical instruments allowed. Requests what John might like.

Officers' Mess bill for Eric Horace Woods including payments for Mess subscriptions, payments to the RAF Benevolent Fund, and for Laundry, Tobacco, Cigarettes and Sundries, and Messing.

Major Gordon Lett condemns the disturbance followed a recent air drop at Vezzanelli: Partisans tried to appropriate material intended for the Allied Mission, British personnel tried to restore order and shots were fired on both sides. He recommends a…


John was living on a farm and working there when he left school at fourteen. The family of five lived in a two-bedroom cottage and John remembered hearing a plane crashing near Westborough one evening, all but one of the crew being killed. The…

Brief handwritten notes describing the operations and two
relevant newspaper cuttings titled 'R.A.F. bomber shot down by Swedes' and 'The great air assault is mounting. Heavy blows at Germany's oil'.

Target photograph of Merseburg. Captioned '3F', '5B', 7549 Wed. 14/15.1.45//NT 8"/O.18400 118 2100 MERSEBURG. S. 1x4000(Min) 9x500 GP (DT. 30secs. F/O CROSS. S. 467'.

Target photograph of Merseburg. Completely obscured by smoke, dust and haze. Some light streaks, no detail visible. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '4270 SKELL.14/15.1.45//NT/(C) .8". 14700 116° 2104 MERSEBURG.Y. 1HC(M)4000IN,3MC(MII)500DT, 11GP500DT. 26…
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