Recommendation for Honours and Awards (DFM) for Peter Jenkinson



Recommendation for Honours and Awards (DFM) for Peter Jenkinson


Gives particulars for meritorious service. Completed 27 successful sorties, skilful flight engineer, disregard for personal safety, cheerful courage and offensive spirit. Includes details of 27 operations carried out.






Two page typewritten document


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SJenkinsonPR1826262v10014, SJenkinsonPR1826262v10025


[underlined] CONFIDENTIAL. [/underlined]


Christian Names : Peter Raeburn Surname : JENKINSON. Rank : Sergeant. Official No. : 1826262 Command or Group : No.1 Group. Unit : No.153 Squadron.

Total hours flown on operations. 157 Number of sorties . 27 Total hours flown on operations since receipt of previous award. N/A. Number of sorties since receipt of previous award . N/A. Recognition for which recommended . D.F.M. Appointment held . Flight Engineer.

[underlined] Particulars of Meritorious Service. [/underlined]

Sergeant Jenkinson has now completed [deleted] 26 [/deleted] [inserted] 27 [/inserted] successful sorties on heavily defended targets in Germany and in Occupied Territory.

He is a skilful Flight Engineer and throughout his tour has shown complete disregard of personal safety and his cheerful courage and fine offensive spirit have materially helped to maintain the high standard of morale existing in this Squadron.

For his outstanding ability and strong sense of duty he is strongly recommended for the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.

[signature T W Rippingdale] Squadron Leader, Commanding, [underlined] No.153 Squadron, R.A.F. [/underlined]

Date : 15th January, 1945.

[underlined] REMARKS BY STATION COMMANDER. [/underlined]

Under a calm and quiet manner Sergeant Jenkinson has a fine offensive spirit in action which inspires confidence in his crew and all those who fly with him.

His unconquerable spirit of determination to achieve his objective has contributed ina [sic] large measure to the success of the sorties he has undertaken and fully merits the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.

[signature] Wing Commander, Commanding, [underlined] R.A.F. Base Station, Scampton. [/underlined]

Date : 16th January, 1945.

[underlined] REMARKS BY BASE COMMANDER. [/underlined]

Sergeant Jenkinson is an outstanding Flight Engineer, whose skill, cheerful courage and sense of duty has been an example to his crew and to other Flight Engineers in his Squadron. I concur in strongly recommending that he well merits the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.

[page break]

[underlined] REMARKS BY AIR OFFICER COMMANDING. [/underlined]

Strongly recommended for the Non-Immediate Award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.

[signature E A B Rice] Air Vice Marshall, Air Officer Commanding, [underlined] No.1 Group, R.A.F. [/underlined]

Date : 27.1.45
[underlined] Brief Details of Sorties Carried Out. [/underlined]

[underlined] Date. [/underlined] [underlined] Target. [/underlined] [underlined] Details. [/underlined]

[list] 12th August 1944. BORDEAUX target bombed successfully. 14th August 1944. FONTAINE target bombed successfully. 15th August 1944. LECULOT target bombed successfully. 16th August 1944. STETTIN target bombed successfully. 29th August. STETTIN target bombed successfully. 31st August 1944. AGENVILLE target bombed successfully. 3rd September 1944. GELSE-RYEN target bombed successfully. 7th September 1944. LE HARVE target bombed successfully. 10th September 1944. LE HARVE target bombed successfully. 12th September 1944. FRANKFURT target bombed successfully. 16th September 1944. STEENWYK target bombed successfully. 23rd September 1944. NEUSS target bombed successfully. 11th October 1944. FORT FREDERIK HENDRIK target bombed successfully. 14th October 1944. DUISBURG target bombed successfully. 23rd October 1944. ESSEN target bombed successfully. 25th October 1944. ESSEN target bombed successfully. 30th October 1944. COLOGNE target bombed successfully. 31st October 1944. COLOGNE target bombed successfully. 2nd November 1944. DUSSELDORF target bombed successfully. 4th November 1944. BOCHUM target bombed successfully. 9th November 1944. WANNE EICKEL target bombed successfully. 6th December 1944. LEUNA target bombed successfully. 15th December 1944. LUDWIGSHAVEN target bombed successfully. 17th December 1944. ULM target bombed successfully. 22nd December 1944. COBLENZ target bombed successfully. 14th January 1945. LEUNA target bombed successfully. 22nd January 1945. DUISBERG target bombed successfully.

Total Sorties [boxed] 27 [/boxed]


OC 153 Squadron and OC RAF Scampton, “Recommendation for Honours and Awards (DFM) for Peter Jenkinson,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 14, 2024,

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