Leslie Alfred Davies and crew



Leslie Alfred Davies and crew


Biographies of navigator Leslie Davies and all his crew. Includes photographs of Lancaster, 50 Squadron, his crew, Leslie Davies himself, training course photographs. Covers his tour from 7 October 1944 to 22 March 1945. List his crew and aircraft used on operations. Followed by biography of Leslie Alfred Davies early life, training and post tour marriage. Continues with biography of pilot Frederick David Jones including early life, training in Canada, operations and later life. Followed by biographies of Norman Parrinder, tail gunner; George Jarmy, bomb aimer; Gilbert John Mellefont, mid-upper gunner; Ernest Marrs, wireless operator and Robert M Smith, flight engineer. Continues with description of the tour including map with targets and descriptions of many of their 30 operations before concluding comments on groundcrew and bomber command in general. Contains many photographs including targets, aircraft, one of battleship SMS Schleswig-Holstein, several of remains of Lancaster bombers, groundcrew at work, bombs, anti-aircraft guns and the bomber command memorial in Green Park London.





Eighty-two page document


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