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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1944-08-31"

Vertical aerial photograph of Raimbert V-2 storage site. The bottom right of the image is obscured by cloud.
Captioned '6051 Bin. 31-8-44//8" 8,800'

Target photograph of Rollencourt. Red dot centre right. Partially obscured by cloud, visible area rural, field patterns and bomb explosions visible. Captioned '5°F', 5B', '2439 SKELL.31.8.44// 8" 14000' [arrow] 172° 1812 ROLLENCOURT…

Shows single bomb load for operation. Details distributor and false height settings as well as timings and effort level. On the reverse marking and bombing instruction. Leader and deputy markings, list of aircraft with heights and briefing times.

Target photograph of Bergueneuse. Rural area, central strip obscured by smoke and dust. Road running top to bottom on right, structures visible on both sides. Some craters in open country. Captioned '5°F', '5B', '2484 SKELL.31.8.44.// 8" 12000'…

Target photograph of Bergueneuse. Rural area, many craters visible. Captioned '5°F', '5B', '2490 SKELL.31.8.44.// 8" 14000' [arrow] 122° 1824 BERGUENEUSE RD.B.11X1000.4X500.C.30secs.S/L FLINT.T.50'. On the reverse '[underlined] S/L FLINT 31.8.44.…

Target photograph of Bergueneuse. Mainly rural, houses visible either side of road, some smoke and dust, craters visible. Captioned '5° F', '5B', '2478 SKELL. 31.8.44. //8" 13000' [arrow] 190° 1819, BERGUENEUSE RD. W. 11X1000. 4X500. C. …

Donald Briggs served as a flight engineer with 156 Squadron Pathfinders flying Lancasters from RAF Upwood between 27 May 1944 and 31 March 1945. The incomplete log book includes 62 daylight and night time operations to French, German, Dutch and…
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