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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1944-08-01"

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 31 July/1 August 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and one, second from right top row, has been replaced. Two crews are crossed through. Included duty personnel.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations 1 August 1944. Includes three standby crews and duty crew. Notes that duties are as per Detail Serial 136/44. Duty crew on 136/44 is to be cancelled.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on 1 August 1944. The fourth member of each crew is underlined. Includes one standby crew, duty personnel and briefing times. The duty crew is struck through with blue line.

Shows one bomb load for operation. Details distributor, preselection and false height settings. Includes Window, and weights. Shows 5 aircraft in wave 1, six in wave 2 and five in wave 3. On the reverse Mosquito marking points, notes United States…

The log book covers the training and operational duties of Flight Engineer Sergeant Harry Thomas Ansell, from 14 April 1944 to 24 May 1945. He trained at RAF Torquay, RAF St Athan, RAF Stockport and was stationed at RAF Wigsley, RAF Syerston, RAF…

Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for Sergeant Tom Jones from 17 August 1943 to 27 August 1945. Detailing training schedule, instructional duties and operations flown. Served at RAF Mildenhall, RAF Warboys, RAF…

Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Flight Lieutenant Oliver Gomersal from 17 September 1943 to 7 November 1944. He trained as a navigator in Great Britain and in South Africa and was stationed in East Africa and Yemen with 621 Squadron.…
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