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Damage descriptions to go with photographs of Rostock, Genoa, Milan (24 October 1942), Berlin (October 1943 and 8 March 1944) and Munich (24/25 April 1944). Some of the photographs described are not in the collection. Also a description of photograph…

On Vickers-Armstrong headed paper classified secret. Write saying that he will send bombing charts at once.

Provides results of attacks on Mailly le Camp military depot and tank park 3/4 May, Clerment-Ferrand aircraft factory 29/30 April, Toulouse aircraft assembly works and Montaudran airfield 5/6 April and 1/2 May, Lyon Motor vehicle works 1/2 May,…

A vertical target photograph of Munich being bombed. Much of the detail is obscured by anti-aircraft fire. Captioned '66 WS. 24/25.4.44 // NT8” 18500 [arrow] 026 0145 Munich.RD. A 6RS. 6JCL 29 SECS F/O KNIGHTS A 617.'

A target photograph of the…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations 24/25 April 1944. Includes duty personnel. One crew member underlined in all crews apart from second in top row which has two members underlined. Crew of aircraft 'T' third down left side is crossed out.…

Vertical aerial photograph of Karlsruhe. The image is largely obscured by cloud or fires and no detail is visible. Captioned ‘735 WKY 24/25’4’44 //NT 8” 22000 [arrow] 276 0035 Karlsruhe B 6 X 2000 31 secs P/O L’Estrange B12’.

A shoot-out is taking place in Tolmezzo. Alpini Lieutenant Renato Del Din has been shot in the head, causing him to drop his pistol and fall to the ground.

Label reads “104”; signed by the author; caption reads “CARNIA 25 APRILE 1944 –…
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