Reg Miles flying log book for flight engineers



Reg Miles flying log book for flight engineers


Flying log book for R S Miles covering the period from 11 March 1944 to 28 February 1946 covers and front pages missing. Detailing his flying training and operations flown, together with his post war service in Transport Command. Includes details of targets, certificates of competency, hit by anti-aircraft fire, additional notes following his aircraft being shot down and returning to operations. He was stationed at RAF Dishforth (1664 HCU), RAF East Moor (432 Sqdn RCAF), RAF Tholthorpe (420 Sqdn RCAF), RAF Nutts Corner (1332 HCU), RAF Stoney Cross (242 Sqdn), RAF Holmsley South (246 Sqdn), RAF Lyneham (511 Sqdn). Aircraft flown in were Halifax, York and Stirling. He flew 36 operations (21 night time and 15 daylight) with 432 and 420squadrons. Targets were Ghent, Paris, Lens, Dusseldorf, Karlsruhe, Essen, Montzen, Somain, Le Clipon, Mont Couple, Neufchatel, Houlgate, Coutances, Mayenne, Cambrai, Hamburg, Œuf-en-Ternois, Foret de Nieppe, Bois de Cassan, St Leu D’Esserent, La Hougue, Foret de Chantilly, Foret de Montrichard, Bons Tassilly, Brussels, Connantre, Marquise-Mimoyecques, Le Havre, Castrop-Rauxel, Osnabruck, Keil, Boulogne, Calais, Bottrop, Sterkrade, Bergen, Dortmund. It also lists his post war flights. His pilots on operations were Pilot Officer Lauzon and Pilot Officer Tease.



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