Excerpt from Robert George Sharland’s Log book



Excerpt from Robert George Sharland’s Log book


Four pages with dates recorded from 2nd August 1943 to 27th April 1944. In this excerpt, Robert George Sharland is recorded to have undertaken 27 flights, 18 being in the day and 9 being at night. The first page details Sharland’s training and first tour with 51 Squadron flying a Halifax. The logbook later moves to 1944, where Sharland serving with 156 Squadron flying a Lancaster. It is detailed that Sharland undertook various roles with 51 Squadron, such as second pilot, air gunner and navigator. The majority of flights records Sharland being a rear- air gunner, flying with Flying Officer Gilmore and Wing Commander Eaton. Operations over Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen, Laon, Rouen and various training and test flights at home are recorded. The last flight detailed, is recorded as “failed to return”.

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Four page excerpt of a logbook


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