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Photo 1 is Bill sitting on a child's pedal car with 'L' plates. It is annotated 'Me learning to drive Croydon 1938'.
Photo 2 is Bill sitting on a motorbike annotated 'Croydon 1940'.

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Photo 1 is a night shot of a decorated town hall, annotated 'Town Hall Clock Coronation Illuminations Croydon'.
Photo 2 is a man on a ladder in a storage room, annotated ' "The Tomb" Tower Chambers 1938'.

Photo 1 and 3 are the town hall gardens and are annotated 'Croydon Town Hall Gardens 1937 Coronation Illuminations'
Photo 2 is the Town hall, annotated 'Croydon Town Hall Coronation Illuminations'.

Covers degreasing operations in factory. On the reverse a letter accepting price quoted.

A biography written by his daughter about her father. It describes his early years but mainly his time in the RAF.
Photo 1 is of EJ Saunders.
Photo 2 is EJ Saunders cycling on an egg and spoon race.
Photo 3 is his Mother, Francis and…

A description of their time during the war by their daughter. Her father joined the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in September 1940. He was captured by the Japanese in Singapore, 1942. He was released on 12 September 1945 and came home on…

Colin Deverell was born in Croydon. Upon leaving school, he worked for Oliver Typewriter Company, where he gained engineering skills to become an amateur rigger for Imperial Airways, before finding employment with Rollaston Aircraft Services in 1939.…

He apologises for not meeting her, explains he has not been out much and has a sore tooth, he is going to a 'posh' dance, asks about Stanley and sympathises with Robbie.


He asks Lynne if she has recovered from her flu, explains he has joined a crew with a very experienced pilot, he asks her to arrange beer if his pilot comes to visit her, he asks about Stanley and mentions his pay rise.

He writes enclosing a cheque, explains he was on leave in Torquay but got recalled, he asks if Euny has written to her, he talks about the 'bonus' being 'grand', asks about Stan who is a prisoner of war and he hopes she has a good holiday.

He writes to Lynne about her holiday in Bournemouth, his brief trip to Andover to see Euny, he called in at his old firm and saw old friends and finally he mentions Stan and his letter.


He encloses a Christmas card, he had a trip to London with Euny and he expresses sadness that Stan lost all his clothes.

Wishes her happy birthday. Explains he did not write the previous day as he had a long flight (11 hours 15 minutes) and was very tired. Catches up with mail received and family gossip and other matters. Mention future plans and that his commission…

Photo 1 is Lynne leaning on a bird bath. It is annotated ' "sis" Shirley 1936'.
Photo 2 is Bill in a casual suit sitting on a rowing boat, annotated 'Hove 1936'.

Lynne is dressed in black dinner jacket, pants and stockings. She is carrying a cane and is tap dancing on a piece of hardboard.
Photo 1 is annotated ' "Lyne" [sic] Shirley 1936'.
Photo 2 is annotated ' "Sis" Shirley 1937'.

Starts with early life and interest in aviation, including photographs of pre WW2 aircraft seen at Croydon airport. Recollects going to last open day at RAF Biggin Hill. Continues account of events of lead up to and start of the war. Writes a little…

Cutting 1 is a side view of a DH86 Express airliner being waved off by a small group of spectators, captioned 'Waving Good-Bye to the first aeroplane to leave Croydon on the new London to Scandinavia service. It took off at 9 o'clock this morning and…

Report of where riveting is carried out in factory and how it is conducted. Includes heat treatment control. On the reverse letter concerning an order.

Report on processes. Letter on reverse concerning orders.

Note from his niece which gives outline of operation to Berlin on 2 January 1944. Mentions that Missing Research and Enquiry Service contacted his parents with news that his remains had been found and he and rest of crew were buried in the village of…
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