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Target photograph showing forest area in top half with smoke from bomb explosions. Many craters are visible in this wooded area. Cleared area where tracks converge in this wooded area top centre, just edged by clouds. Bunker itself is just below and…

Lists training details. Aircraft Anson and Battle in Australia. Advanced training in United Kingdom on Anson, Wellington and Halifax at West Freugh, Lichfield and Richall. Operational flying on Halifax 466 Squadron at RAF Driffield and 466 Squadron…

Three men standing leaning against a brick building all with hands in pockets. Man on the left wears battledress and side cap. An officer in the centre wearing battledress with half brevet and peaked cap. Sergeant on the right wears tunic with half…

A biography of Anthony David Lambert. He joined the RAFVR at age 19. He was shot down over the Baltic Sea and was able to swim ashore, where he was captured. He took part in the Long March. After the war he remained in the RAF.

Target photograph showing built up area in top half with road and railway running left to right. Smoke from bomb explosions top left. Captioned '2630 DRF.6-10-44//8"17500 >094.1716.Sterkrade. R.16x500.C.34 secs.F/S Jubb.R.462.'.

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Target photograph showing airfield with smoke from bomb explosions. Aiming pint in annotated in red ink. Captioned 'DRF.3-9-44//7"18000 >120.1731.Soersterberg.R.9x1000.4x500.C.34secs.F/S Jubb.R.462'.

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Seven airmen wearing battledress with brevet and side caps, three squatting in front and four standing behind. Pilot is middle front. Three versions of the same image, on the reverse 'Driffield 1944, Back L to R, P Brett (W.Op), J Christensen (R/G),…

Account of John Mitchell's career in the Royal Air Force from Oct 1934 until November 1957. Writes of his early ambitions to fly, and joining the RAF as a wireless operator. Describes his training and early postings to Worthy Down on Vickers…

Gives account of Halifax of 466 Squadron in which P J Hogan was navigator being shot down by German intruder aircraft on night 3/4 March 1945. The navigator and two gunners baled out successfully. The engineer left the aircraft but his parachute did…

Gives personal details. Notes awarded DFM (presented by the King) and Pathfinder badge. Lists postings to 78 and 35 Squadrons, mustering, promotions and qualifications.

Congratulations on award of Distinguished Flying Cross.

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Announces approval of immediate award of Distinguished Flying Cross to Pilot Officer Robert Venters Jubb.

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Pat Hogan's account of being shot down and baling out when his aircraft was attacked by an intruder while back in United Kingdom. Aircraft was diverted due to intruder and was nearly out of fuel. After order to bale out Hogan had to go back to get…

P J Hogan’s log book covering the period from 20 August 1943 to 7 October 1945.
Detailing his flying training and operations flown as navigator. He was stationed at RAAF Mount Gambier (2 AOS), RAAF Port Pirie (2 B&GS, 3 AOS), RAF West Freugh (4…

Detailed operation order from group to 102, 77, 10, 158, 466, 640, 76, 78, 51 and 578 Squadrons with numbers of aircraft required. Target "Whitebait". Gives detailed instructions, routes, bomb loads, wave orders, fuel loads, window carriage, route…

Discusses life on the home front, the bombing of Hull, and her training and service in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force at RAF Driffield.

Memoirs of Jim Cahir who served with 466 Squadron RAAF. He writes about being shot down near Frankfurt on Main on the night of 20/21 December 1943 and subsequently being captured and imprisoned in Stalag IVB in Muhleberg. He stayed there until the…

Copy of a day by day diary kept by Malcolm Staves from 26th April 1943 to 6th January 1945. Covers training, lectures, gardening and cleaning tasks. Also covers his social life and home leave.
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