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Reports arrival of letter and catches up with news. Mentions receiving tobacco and asks them to thanks donors. Keeping fit and doing a bit of sunbathing. Writes about theatre built by prisoners and getting a lot of entertainment. Looking forward to…

Reports arrival of letters and ask her to thank donor of pyjamas which had nor arrived yet but were expected in next parcel. Writes listing contents of previous parcel from Rhodesia House which would be useful for the next winter as he expected still…

Neill Chapman’s diary entries from 27th May to 1st June including a list of crew members and the results of their bombing trials.

Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an unidentified crew of six at the tail of a Wellington III.
Photo 2 is a view out of a Stirling taking off.
Photo 3 is Terry Ford at the controls of a Stirling.
A fourth photograph is missing.

A newspaper cutting announcing the award of a DFC to Alan. It describes the event the night they safely returned to UK with their damaged aircraft.

Informal photograph, seven crew members, three officers four SNCOs. Captioned '1944 The Crew, my second crew, joined them in Nassau, Bahamas, May 1944. Visited Canada, U.S.A. Flew across the Atlantic Aug. 1944'.

Letter from foreign department of a Swedish company ASEA. Informing his that sender had received a message from his parents that they were well and that they wished him a happy birthday.

Article concerning Flying Officer Dennis Herbert Cochran and Flight Lieutenant J G Stower.

Notes that mail is getting slower as war draws top climax but hopes photographs she sent will arrive. Describes lodgers baby and recent activities including intention to take up learning Russian again. Continues with description of daily routine and…

Writes of daily activities involving lodger going off to meet husband leaving baby with Ursula as well as talk of other visitors including her sister. Continues with description of other activities and catches up with family gossip. Concludes with…

Whites that she has had no mail from him that week and that some plans for week fell through. Describes other activities of shopping, gardening and mentions receiving information about visit to his camp by by Swedish representatives. Writes of…

Reports arrival of several of his letters and postcard and she is glad he now knows something of their new home. Describes her recent activities of cooking and notes impending visitors. Continues with domestic chat and mentions visit of Red Cross…

Number 163-20. Reports no mail arrived but has had a few small tobacco parcels. Still practising violin in incinerator, camp believes he is "round the bend". Catches up with family/friends news.

Number 162-19. Reports he is delighted by arrival of 12 letters, six from her, congratulates her on content and replies to her news. Mentions daughter, religion, family and wife's activities. Still no sign of clothing parcels and asks her to check…

Number 161-18. No mail from her but two small tobacco parcels have arrived which he is sharing with others. Writes of bleak landscape and laments on lack of mail.

F/O Kenneth Marriott DFC. Obituary. Second tour Pathfinder.

Writes that Hedley's personal effects have been dispatched to them by passenger train. Requests they sent back receipt. Reminds them on rules if they dispose of any uniform which must go to known person entitled to wear it or be dealt with through…

The telegram advises Miss Ross that the International Red Cross have confirmed that David Geach is a prisoner of war.

From central depository to Mr and Mrs L R Madgett. Advice of goods including Bx 11715, Dress case, carton. sealed [..].

A letter to David Geach's father advising him that they his son's personal effects. It includes an inventory of the items.


The telegram is written to David Geach's father and confirms via the International Red Cross that he has been taken prisoner.

The telegram to David Geach's father advises him his son was included in a German broadcast saying he had been taken as a prisoner of war.

Letter from Mr and Mrs Marriott thanking the Madgetts for their letter of condolence. Both families have much to be proud of.
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