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Announces that she will be coming tomorrow.

A half length portrait of James Hooker in naval uniform captioned 'Brother James William first photograph in uniform 1938.' Also included is a photograph of a gravestone for Hilda Ruth Hooker and James William Hooker who died in a prisoner of war…

Issued to Ted Neale to travel from Medme Comm Squadron to 144 MU MAAF Rear Comm Flight.


Reconnaissance photograph of a small town in an agricultural location. A river is winding through the left hand side of the photograph, and a road runs top to bottom. Between the road and the river is a railway line. Several trains can be seen in a…

A handwritten note giving brief details of the operation and a relevant newspaper cutting titled 'Today I took wine with an officer of the British Commando Brigade in the garden of a ruined house in Wesel'.

Indicates one bomb load and includes time on target, preselection settings, distributor settings, some handwritten calculations and code words. On the reverse; marking and tactics, notes, bombing, Window and other details,

On a clear, moon-lit night, an aircraft with a British roundel bombs a street causing the roofs of buildings on either side to burst into flames. Incendiaries are burning while debris is falling onto the street among small explosions. In the…
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