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Two vertical aerial photographs of Duisberg. Two operations in 24 hours to the same location. The caption comments on the large number of ' "scarecrows" sent up by the Hun'.
Photo 1 is a daylight image with all the details obscured by explosions…

A vertical aerial photograph of Duisberg taken during a night operation. The lower half of the image is obscured by anti-aircraft fire. The top half has no clear detail. annotated '1941 MEP 14/15.10.44// NT (C) 8” 20000 [arrow] 065[degrees] 0130…

Number 177-34. Reports arrival of many letters and joy of photographs. Catches up with family/friend news. He talks about their finances and of her purchase of extra land and out buildings. He tells her how depressed he has been and how she was…

Air-to-air photograph of a Lancaster dropping a mixed bomb load on a daylight operation.

Target photograph showing streets on left side with clouds/bomb explosions centre and right side. Captioned 'P4' and '2004, 104/15, 15/16 Oct 44, F8, NT 7000 ft→ 093 degrees, 1931, Trieste M/Y'. Annotated on page 'Q - Queenie, 9x500, 9x250'.

Handwritten notes giving brief details of the operations and two relevant short newspaper cuttings, one titled 'Eight breaches both sides of flushing'.


Shows two bomb loads with window, weights and other information. Struck through and annotated 'Cancelled'. On the reverse at the bottom weight calculations.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 14/15 October 1944. Includes two standby crews and duty personnel. Fourth member of each crew is underlined. Briefing time annotated and weight calculation at the bottom left.

Seven aircrew, one sitting, two kneeling and three standing in front of rear door of Lancaster aircraft. Basil Ambrose is standing second from the right. All are dressed in flying suits and six have Mae Wests. Anti-aircraft fire damage is visible in…

In a barren churchyard, a man dressed in brown is being pushed out of the door and beaten by a Fascist soldier with a rifle-butt. Others are watching or pointing guns at him.

Label reads “168”; signed by the author; caption reads “(2o)…


In an otherwise deserted town, men open fire on a figure in a brown suit and hat.

Label reads “167”; signed by the author; caption reads “(1o) 15 ottobre 1944 TORVISCOSA UD. Durante un rastrellamento nazi-fascista un patriota Villa, dal Pol…


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