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A small stuffed toy rabbit wearing a green top and brown dungarees. It was the mascot of Squadron Leader R E Millichap.

Discusses his training and service with Air Sea Rescue in Great Britain and Malta

Left page: top left, list of members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Top right, Queen Mary standing with a woman in uniform and 13 men, one in uniform, identified as Bob.
Middle, left, Christmas greetings.
Middle, right, best wishes at…

Peter Scoley was born on a farm which became RAF Metheringham during the war. After the war Peter and his wife were fundamental in creating a museum on the site.

Observer’s, air gunner’s and W/T operators flying log book for R B Hatherly, wireless operator, covering the period from 6 December 1944 to 3 September 1945. He was stationed at 460 Squadron RAF Binbrook, RAF East Kirkby and 1 Advanced Flying…

Aircraftsman (AC2) Sanders’ Log Book as an Air Gunner from 8 June 1944 until 19 May 1945.

Training started at No. 2 Air Gunnery School, followed by 5 Operational Training Unit based in Canada.

Served at RAF Dalcross, RCAF Boundary Bay, RCAF…

SSmithRW425992v10003-0001 copy.pdf
The front page of Book 3 of Bob Smith's Memoirs. It shows the seven medals he won.

Top left, annotated 'The crashed Lancaster 29 August 1944';
Centre, a group of seven airmen standing under the fuselage of a Lancaster, wearing Mae Wests, annotated from left 'Jack Crawford, Doug Looms, Dave Cook, Tom Dykins, Bert Jackson, Paul…

Gwendoline Thickett grew up in Rotherham and was a young girl at school when the Second World War began. She was in Sunday School at her local church when the news of the declaration of war was announced. Her parents had already begun to prepare for…

Lancaster, TL-C, in which Eddie flew.

Additional information relating to this item was kindly provided by the donor.

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Air-to-air view of the rear fuselage and tail of Lancaster TL-S with identification PB 366 as flown in by Eddie.

Additional information relating to this item has kindly been provided by the donor.

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A bareheaded Eddie, in uniform, his hands in his pockets, standing in a garden.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

A group of 21 uniformed men all wearing side caps. They are arranged in three rows, of nine, eight and four in front of an Anson. A Lincoln is behind with hangars in the background. The group is arranged around a sign reading 'D.$. Flight. Defford'.…

Fifteen men, in uniform, informally arranged in two rows. Nine are standing and six squatting in front. Three of the men are wearing officer's caps and the rest are bareheaded. Eddie is second left in the front row.

This item was sent to the IBCC…

A studio head and shoulders portrait of Eddie in uniform showing his sergeant's stripes and engineer's brevet.

Iga explaining to John that she is moving camps for the third time and describing her feelings towards her captors the state of her health and her desire to visit England.

Thanking John for the parcel he sent and apologising for her poor English.

Memoir detailing a teenage girl's experiences of the war. The document details experiences of evacuation, the blackouts, sounds of the war during air raids and what they saw on the streets of Liverpool.

The Kruithof family standing in the yard of the house at Berkenlaan 28, Antwerpen, on the side facing Hagendoornlaan.

On the reverse: "To Frank from your old friends in Antwerpen."

Identification kindly provided by Frank Schilder.

The Dubois Robbe Family in Pihem, Pas De Calais, standing in a garden.

Rene Dubois Robbe standing in a doorway. A dog can be seen sitting next to him on the left of the photograph.


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