The Queen Mother and Christmas



The Queen Mother and Christmas


Left page: top left, list of members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Top right, Queen Mary standing with a woman in uniform and 13 men, one in uniform, identified as Bob.
Middle, left, Christmas greetings.
Middle, right, best wishes at Christmas.
Bottom left, regarding diplomats.
Bottom right, German identity.
Right page, top, announcements of family engagements, marriages and births.
Top left, list of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force and a list of Royal Air Force Volunteer Force members.
Middle left, lifeboat dropped to the crew of an American flying-boat. Middle right, woman with a dog in her arms in a garden.
Third row left, three women, a man and a dog in a garden.
Third row right, five women sat on a bench alongside a hedge.
Bottom left, birth announcements.
Bottom right, a group of five women with a sixth figure with tennis rackets alongside.

Temporal Coverage



Two cards, four newspaper cuttings, 13 newspaper announcements, one leaflet, one form and five b/w photographs on two album pages


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