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Keith Steven’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 22 July 1941 until 14 January 1944. Initial training at No. 11 Elementary Flying Training School, followed by 15 Service Flying Training School, and posting to 7 Bombing and Gunnery School. Attended…

Arthur Ward’s Flying Log Book as an air bomber from 20 November 1942 until 27 August 1944 on completion of his operational tour. Trained at No. 10 Advanced Flying Unit, 27 Operational Training Unit 30 Operational Training Unit, 1651 Conversion…

Six verse poem about six man crew flying operations. Annotated 'written by Harold during flight to Cologne'.

German language menu for reunion dinner Luftwaffe, 7 Squadron held July 25th 1984. Held at Flufhafenrestaurant Bonn-Hangelar.

Front page has map with aircraft flying from USA to England, England to Germany and Germany to Russia.


William Jackson’s Flying Log Book 1 from 12th July 1940 until 14th February 1943 as a pilot. Training started in No. 15 Elementary Flying Training School, then No. 6 Flying Training School, 17 Operational Training Unit. Posted to 105 Squadron in…

P M Edge’s Flying Log Book as a bomb aimer from 20th March 1943 until 28th September 1944. Initial bombing and gunnery training at 41 Air School in South Africa, before posting back to the UK in September 1943. Further training at 10 Advanced…

P M Edge’s Flying Log Book 2 from 30th December 1947 until 20th August 1956. Posted to No. 2 Air Navigation School on an Air Bomber Conversion Course to be a navigator. On completion of course posted to 201 Advanced Flying School and then 230…

P M Edge’s Flying Log Book 3 from 18th September 1956 until 21st December 1961. Flew with 213 Squadron as a navigator. In November 1958 posted to Ferry Training Unit followed by 242 Operational Conversion Unit in March 1959. Posted to 70 Squadron…

Debrief questionnaire. Gives personal details of Warrant Officer Thomas McMahon including list of the prisoner of war camps and hospitals he was in as well as his state of health, lectures attended before capture and interrogations after capture.…

Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Thomas McMahon covering the period 29 December 1940 to 31 August 1942. Details his training and operational duties. He flew one night time and one daylight operation with 77 Squadron in Whitley aircraft…

Reconnaissance photograph showing the canal running left to right with a destroyed river over canal bridge circles in the centre. Many bomb craters both sides of canal.

A three quarter length portrait of Alan standing by a stone wall.
On the reverse 'F Sg W Alan 1583475 Bomber 98 Command Wahn Station Please return 1946 W Alan North'.

Introductory letter from Sir Arthur Harris for Hamish Mahaddie, in support of Mahaddie's post-war lecture tour of Australia and New Zealand. Harris greets Bomber Command veterans and describes the significance of their contribution to the war.…

Target photograph showing canal running top to bottom with open countryside each side. Explosion in the centre. Captioned '7438 WAD/1/2.4.45//NT 7"9750 128 1914 GRAVENHORST.D'. Two versions of image.

Reconnaissance photograph of Kiel port area and city with targets indicated by arrows. Text above 'we were issued wit escape kit for [missing] consisting of currency and maps for [missing] flew over, emergency survival [missing] wakey pills and a…

Cloud background with superimposed five servicemen on a flying carpet with machine guns, camera and barrel. On the left a signpost for Waddington - Berlin. A keep left sign hangs from the top.

Photograph of 2 men in uniform holding rifles, one seated in a Land Rover and the other leaning on the vehicle. There is a union jack flag tied to the bonnet of the Land Rover. Vehicle registration is 64AA88. Annotated on the reverse 'In Germany…

Photograph of an airman standing casually in front of an aircraft on an airfield. He is wearing a side cap, has a cigarette in his right hand and his left hand in his pocket. The reverse is annotated 'Fassberg 1952'.


Four photographs on a card captioned 'Koln 1945'. Two are of the main bridges, road and rail, destroyed by the bombing and two views of the devastation around the cathedral.
On the reverse 'Morning after! Cologne Photographed by navigator W. Alan…

The railway bridge destroyed during the bombing, with the cathedral behind.


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