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Harold Jack Lazenby's autobiography.

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A rear/port view of a Lancaster on the ground. Information supplied with the collection identifies this as Woodford, October 43.


Roy Chadwick stands in front of a Lancaster talking to H M The Queen. To the left a group of dignatories including the King in uniform, look on. In the background left a hangar, to the right spectators and another hangar. On the reverse 'Their…

Roy Chadwick stands in front of a Lancaster talking to H M The Queen. To the left King George VI and a group of dignatories look on. In the background left a hangar, to the right spectators and another hangar. On the reverse 'Woodford aerodrome Nov…

Front quarter view of a Lancaster airborne just above the ground with undercarriage down. Below a runway and in the background hangars. On the reverse 'Avro Lancaster 1941. A lovely photo taken at Avro's aerodrome by the assembly works (not in…


Two men wearing coats and hats stand by a step ladder at rear cabin door of an aircraft. Another man is leaning inside the door. In the background part of an engine and hangar door. On the reverse 'Roy and Bill Thorn Avro's test pilot about 1946 at…

Middle left to entre three interconnected buildings with picket fence in front. To the right are other buildings. In the foreground a roadway. Captioned 'The clubhouse of the Lancaster Aero Club Woodford Cheshire, close to aerodrome and hangars of A…

On the left the rear fuselage of Lancaster ND824 on a trolley. On the right the nose section of a Lancaster on a flat bed truck. Behind a field and fence. On the reverse 'at the Avro assembly works, Woodford Cheshire. The Lancaster was made in…

Six men standing in line all wearing suit and tie. Behind a brick building with door on the left and windows on the right. Captioned 'After maiden flight of Avro Tutor I [March crossed out] May 1946 at A V Roe Woodford. Roy Chadwick, Mr Wilmot, Sir…

Roy Chadwick stands talking to the Queen. Above and right the nose of a Lancaster. Behind them a group of dignitaries and in the distance behind are spectators and a hangar. On the reverse 'A V Roe & Co Ltd, at Woodford aerodrome Cheshire. Allied…

Seven men in line three are wearing white flying suits and the others coats and two with hats. Behind the rear fuselage of a passenger aircraft with open door. Captioned 'First flight of the Avro Tudor at Woodford, March 1946. Messrs Alf Sewart, Bill…

A four engine airliner registration G-AGSU flies over an airfield left to right. Below two Lincoln aircraft parked and in the distance hangars and buildings. On the reverse 'at Avros Woodford 1947, Avro XXI (Tudor II)'.


Photos 1 and 4 are the same, Arthur and his bride outside the church.
Photo 2 is the bride and he father walking into the church.
Photo 3 and 5 are the same, Arthur, his bride, the best man and Carol's bridesmaid.
Photo 6 is bride and groom, best…

Photo 1 and 2 are the same. Caroline is sitting on the grass.
Photo 3 and 4 are the same. Caroline is sitting on the grass in a garden.
Photo 5 is Caroline in WAAF uniform stranding in a garden.
Captioned 'Caroline Wrangham Holt. Daughter of…

The official journal of the Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St John War Organisation. This edition covers the Food Situation about food parcel delivery, Editors comments, Sport reports from the Camps, suggestions for parcel contents,…

Five airmen standing under the nose of a Lancaster aircraft, annotated 'Avro Visit'. A second identical photograph is annotated 'Day trip to Avroe Woodford May 46'.

Iris was born in a village outside Newcastle. At the beginning of 1940 she went to Gosforth to join the Royal Air Force. Iris liked the idea of uniformed service more than the option of becoming a nurse. She was then sent to Swansea for about 18…

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A personal account of life of an engineer, C E Brennan, who was seconded to A V Roe at Woodford and Ringway who saw Roy Chadwick frequently. He talks of comradeship, playing rugby and listening to singer Hilda Green. Mentions the sporting rivalry…
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