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A list of the seven crew on the day they were shot down.

Eulogy concerning unveiling of the Runnymede memorial and those who died with no known grave. Also acknowledges the Kohima memorial. Goes on with brief explanation of RAF role in the war.


Poem about lack of gravestones to mark resting place but memory does not fade. Continues lines about with Runnymede memorial. They would not be forgotten.

View of a memorial building and galleries and accompanying text.

The unveiling of the Runnymede Memorial Order of Ceremony. This includes the hymns to be sung and the lesson.

Envelope, letter, details on the unveiling of the memorial and ticket for the ceremony at Runnymede.

Description of inscription at the entrance portico and history of the memorial.

Thanking him for donating the land for the Runnymede Memorial where his sons name is inscribed.

Register no 7 1939-1945 Part IX. Register of names. Hedley Madgett on page 551.
This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Memorial register 7 - introduction. Covers wartime history of Royal Air Force, the men who served, description of the memorial, photographs of the memorial.
This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of…


Ceremony at the Royal Air Force memorial at Runymede. Airmen line the path up to the memorial with servicemen and civilians sitting behind on both sides.


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Draft letter from Stephen Boldy to the Imperial War Graves Commission stating that the name of David Boldy does not appear on the Roll of Honour at Runnymede and asking for appropriate steps to be taken.
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