Poem - the first rays of the dawning sun shall touch its pillars



Poem - the first rays of the dawning sun shall touch its pillars


Poem about lack of gravestones to mark resting place but memory does not fade. Continues lines about with Runnymede memorial. They would not be forgotten.




One page handwritten document


IBCC Digital Archive


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[underlined] Paul H. Scott [/underlined]

The first rays of the dawning sun shall touch its pillars
and as day advances and the light grows stronger
You shall read the names engraved on the stone
of those who sailed the angry skies and saw harbour no more

No gravestone in Yew's dark churchyard
shall mark their resting place
Their bones lie in the forgotten corners of earth and sea
But that we may not lose their memory with fading years
their monument stands here.

Here at the heart of England
Halfway between Royal Windsor and [deleted] Royal [/deleted] [inserted] Lordly [/inserted] London
Looking down here where the trees droop down to Runnymede
Meadow of Magna Carter
Field of freedom
Never saw you so fitting a memorial
Proof that the [deleted] members [/deleted] [inserted] numbers [/inserted] established here are still dear
to the hearts of men

Here now they stand contrasted and alike the
vale of Freedoms birth and the memorial of freedoms winning.

And as evening comes the mists like quiet ghosts rise
from the river bed and climb the hill to wander
through the cloisters
We shall not forget them
Above the mist we shall see the memorial still
and over it the crown and single star
and we shall pray as the mists rise up
and the [deleted] heart [/deleted] [inserted] air [/inserted] grows dark that we may wear
as brave a heart as they



Paul H Scott, “Poem - the first rays of the dawning sun shall touch its pillars,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 2, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/35623.

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