List of Crashed Stirlings



List of Crashed Stirlings


Six crashed Stirlings listed with the date, squadron, operation, location (where known), crew and fate.





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[a] Date [b] Sqn [c] Aircraft type [d] Target [e] Crash location [f] Crew Details [g] Fate

[a] 5/6 June 1944 [b] 299 [c] Stirling LJ819 [d] Paratroop Operation "Tenga" airborne invasion force over Caen [e] Not known [f] F/Sgt L J Gilbert, F/O A G Franklin, Sgt L G Knight, F/Sgt B A Croft, Sgt R H Fizer, Sgt F L McMahon [g] All killed and they have no known grave. Therefore they are commemerated [sic] on the RAF Memorial to the Missing at Runnymede

[a] 31 March 1945 [b] 196 [c] Stirling LX197 [d] Supply dropping in Norway [e] Not known [f] P/O C Campbell, F/Sgt K W Linney, F/Sgt F W Matthews, W/O G G Allman, F/Sgt F C Brenner, F/Sgt E S Lloyd [g] All killed, they have no known grave and therefore P/O Campbell and his comrades are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial

[a] 2 April 1945 [b] 196 [c] Stirling LX193 [d] Container dropping over Denmark [e] In the North Sea, off Cromer, Norfolk [f] F/O M Carroll, W/O G Hughes, W/O S J V Philco, W/O J Grain, F/Sgt A O Bennett, F/Sgt R E Marshall [g] All killed. The bodies were recovered from the sea and buried in Cambridge Borough Cemetery on 13 April 1945, except F/Sgt Bennett who is buried in Barwell Cemetery. Our records show that F/Sgt Cayley was not a member of this crew.

[a] 31 March 1945 [b] 196 [c] Stirling LJ888 [d] Dropping supplies to Norwegian Forces (30 miles North of Kravera) [e] Braasted Wood near the Ostre-Moland border, approximately 2 miles north west of Arendal [f] F/Sgt D V Catterall, F/Sgt G S Reed, F/Sgt R S Harding-Klemanek, F/Sgt T L Brunton, Sgt P M Myers, F/Sgt J R Cross [g] All the crew are buried in Collective Grave No 9, Row 5 in Arendal Civil Cemetery

[a] 31 March 1945 [b] 299 [c] Stirling LX332 [d] Supply dropping in Southern Norway [e] Crashed at Vierli on Vegars Moor [f] F/Lt R Trevor-Roper, DFC, AFC, F/O H W Ricketts, F/O D Peat, Sgt K C Hayward, Sgt J A Elliott, W/O P S Brinkworth [g] All of the crew were killed in the crash and they are buried in Indre Sondeled Cemetery, 50 miles north east of Khristiansand, Norway

[a] 31 March 1945 [b] 161 [c] Stirling LX119 [d] Supply dropping over Southern Norway [e] Shot down over the headland at Holt near Arendal [f] F/Lt E P C Kidd, DFC, F/Sgt G A Heath, DFM, F/O T S Macaulay, W/O A M Taylor, Sgt R A Burgess, F/Sgt A D Shopland, F/Sgt H Minshull [g] All the crew are buried in Arendal Civil Cemetery, Norway



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