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Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying log book for Hedley R Madgett, covering the period from 23 September 1941 to 15 August 1943. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RCAF Swift Current, RCAF Medicine Hat, RAF…

Top left first page - three-quarter length portrait of an airman wearing tunic and side cap. Text notes that he joined Royal Air Force in 1936 as a Halton apprentice armourer. Promoted to flight sergeant at the beginning of the war he began a long…

Joined Royal Air Force in 1936 as a Halton apprentice armourer. Promoted to flight sergeant at the beginning of the war he began a long association with 57 Squadron then flying Blenheims as part of British Expeditionary Force in France followed by…

Thirteen sergeants standing and sitting in two rows. All are wearing tunic with half brevet and side cap. Names are printed over each man. Bill Akrill is end right on front row. Captioned '45 Course Navigators'. On the reverse '45 Course No 16…

Says received posting and will be home Saturday. Writes about plans for getting home and clearing from Upper Heyford.

Starts with domestic matters and catch up with home news. Writes that nearly everyone has finished course and they did last trip previous evening. Pilot is now out of doc. Visit to local friends. Spent day trying to get airborne, not well looked…

Thanks for parcel and letter. No leave for about 3 weeks, nearly finished course. mentions pilot has injured his knee and is in dock indefinitely. Went to see flight commander on possibility of finishing with staff pilot. Mentions local friends and…

Starts with domestic issues. Will be sorry to leave Upper Heyford as made many friends. Mentions slippery roads locally and writes of activities. Will be there for another 3 weeks. Concludes with remissness of home.

Writes of flying and upcoming kit inspection. Tells of visit to local friends and getting to know most of villagers. Mentions might be moving on soon and having interesting lectures. Talks of his drawings of gremlins which he might sent to the RAF…

Difficult to write letters as very busy flying. Writes of flying a trip which passed close to his parents farm. Writes of trips being scrubbed and visiting friends. Mentions others flying short trips.

After Christmas, catches up with news of family and acquaintances. Describes activities over Christmas including pantomime, biking to Bicester, going to pictures, visiting friends for dinner, dance in NAAFI. activities on boxing day and going to…

Thanks her for parcel. Mentions hard work and skipper demanding a day off. Plans to go to Oxford to theatre. Mentions their landing ground is unusable so operation from satellite drome. Describes some flying including take off in mud and water.…

Writes of flying activity. Mentions visit of circus comprising Ju 88, Me 110 and Heinkel which gave flying demonstration and after he was able to look over them. Was not impressed with crew space. Concludes with other news.

Writes of being very busy flying. Mentions his bike has arrived but has not been able to go and pick it up. Describes members of his crew. Mentioned flying cancelled on Sunday and going to chapel. Note she will not be home before Christmas due to…

Catches up with family news. Mentions going home on recent 48 hour leave. Writes of course progress and compares current base with previous in Scotland. Describes activities in local area. Concluded with more family and home news.

Catches up with news. Not flying at the moment hopes to start next week. Mentions getting on to Lancaster and pathfinder force. Continues with family and friend banter and asks for his bike to be sent. Postscript describes walk on day off and…

Writes that he enjoyed recent 48 hour leave and describes journey back to base and now being up for 'jankers'. Continues to enthuse over recent leave and home food. No on last week of ground lectures.

Thanks her for the parcel with apples and cake. Writes of weather, course progress and upcoming 48 hours pass. Mentions improvements in dining hall and quality of sergeants mess. Mentions going out to find chapel and comments on war news.

Catches up wit home news. Writes of prospect of having to go in the decompression chamber again. Concludes with more family banter.

Mentions incidents in Grantham and Oxford, the weather and the length of his course. Writes of day of going to Oxford. Mentions war news of second front and Roosevelt's speech. Writes of Canadians and Americans at Upper Heyford.

Catches up with family news. Discusses weather and more family/friends news.

Catches up with home news. Comments about cold and rain conditions and heating not being turned on until 1st November. Writes some course details and crewing up with bombadier. Provides a detailed description of his and others experiences in…

Writes of train journey to RAF Upper Heyford and activities at camp including starting on his course. Notes food is better than previous posting at RAF West Freugh. States he enjoyed leave and catches up with home news.

Last letter before leaving West Freugh. Writes about potential choice next courses as navigator or bomb aimer. Chooses navigator course at Upper Heyford. Considered navigator as harder job. Catches up with news and writes he has now passed out as…

Discusses recently sent photographs and notes a colleague who also has a son with same name. Mentions flying and Christmas day arrangements. Writes of spending Christmas day with friends and of visit to Oxford and nothing left in the shops. Mentions…
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